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Dear Friends and Family,

I wanted to share some exciting news with you! Eastside Christian Church has planned a global compassion trip for this coming summer and I will be serving as part of the team! I will be traveling to Mathare, Kenya on June 19, 2019 where we will be working with young children, helping build houses, and in whatever capacity we can to serve. I felt a strong desire to be a part of this trip because I have wanted to help children in Africa since I was very young.  My prayer is that I can contribute to our efforts by serving young, needy children and prayerfully give them some hope and faith that others do care about them!  I feel blessed to have this incredible opportunity to help others and know there is a lot of work ahead as we begin to prepare. I could use your help!

First, I would be honored if you would pray for us…for preparation, for our journey, our ministry and for the spiritual battles surely ahead. Secondly, I'd like to know if you would contribute to the work we are doing by covering part of the cost of the trip.

Each team member has been entrusted with raising an equal share of the total cost to send us. The amount I must personally raise is $2995.00 and it is due by June 16, 2019. If you wish to partner with me in this ministry please click on the “GIVE NOW” button to donate. (There is an option to cover the cost of the credit card fee that you can opt out of if you prefer.) Or if you prefer to give a check or cash donation you can make your check payable to “Eastside Christian Church” and note my name and "Kenya-Mathare 2019" in the memo line and mail/bring it to the address below. Contributions to our project are tax-deductible. You're very important to me. Thank you for considering being a part of my team. If you have any questions I’d love the opportunity to tell you more so just call, text or email me!

-Maryellen Whittingham

*All donations are given to Eastside Christian Church and a tax-deductible statement will be issued to you at the end of the year. Contributions are made and received with the understanding that Eastside Christian Church has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds; they may be used for other participants, other mission trip expenses, or for future mission trips. No refunds will be issued to participants or donors.

Eastside Christian Church 3370 E Miraloma Ave. Suite 101 Anaheim CA 92806

Karen W
5/20 Offline donation
5/20 Offline donation
Paul G
5/6 Offline Donation
Andi McGlothlin
I know God will transform your life as you love and minister to the people in Kenya. Love and prayers for you, forever! Andi xxoo
Belia Evans
Doing the Lords work!
Jason & Corynn Stuck
We are so happy to support you as you have done so much for our family. We appreciate you and your love and compassion for helping others, including our own girls.
Kim Stoker
This will be an amazing experience for you and for the people you are helping. A life-changing experience! all I require is for you to post lots of pictures of your adventures!
D nason
Sherrie Walton $25.00
Susan Kearns
It's not much that I'm donating, Mrs Whittingham - a way to say thanks for volunteering!
Liz Orth
Wishing you all the best on your mission. Go forth and do good things! Love and blessings!
Excited to hear how your mission trip goes!
Carol Romanoski Gibson
Wishing you all the best on your upcoming adventure! ❤️❤️❤️
Silva family
You have always done, and will do so many more amazing things!!! They will be so lucky to be touched by you as we have been. We love you!!
Life changing for sure!

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