Andi and Al - Endurance Ride 2017

Al and Andi are biking to help men achieve a life of freedom from survival prostitution. Learn More
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We love Emmaus. We've pretty much thrown our whole lives into the work of helping men in survival prostitution get off the streets and live a life of wholeness. It takes money for Emmaus to do that, and this bike ride is the most fun way we've found to raise that money. You know us. We're all about fun.

So on Saturday, June 10, we'll ride as far as we can in 12 hours, aiming for a combined goal of 200 miles. Pretty good for a couple of quinquagenarians, huh? But of course the real hard work is keeping staff and volunteers on the streets every night where men are prostituting. Also running a drop-in center where men not only eat a good meal, but are treated with respect, dignity, and love. Emmaus has been doing that for 27 years, and could really use your help now to keep doing it!

We deeply appreciate your support for us and for Emmaus. You can donate now by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds.


Learn more, or register as a rider or volunteer, at

Emmaus Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Please note that all funds raised through this site go to support Emmaus Ministries, and GroupRev does not receive any portion of funds.

Happy riding! Keep it safe out there!
Michael Smith
2017 Matching Gift
Barry Weaber $175.00
Michael Murzyn $150.00
Anonymous $20.00
Amber Mandley $20.00
The GeeBees 2 $30.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Sean Young
From Rachel and Sean
Dean Wiers-Windemuller
Go Andi and Al! Thanks for your continued work at Emmaus. You guys will always have a special place in my heart and memory.
Mike and Debbie Smith
Sending love to both of you!!
Meg and Robin $30.00
Tim and Kathy Amstutz $150.00
Dawn Jewell
Way to ride for the guys!
Naomi & Brent Stutzman $100.00
Colleen Sen $25.00
Holly G
Love you guys :)
Brian and Elaine
Better late than never!
Michael Choby $50.00
Jessica Campos $30.00
John O'Leary $100.00
Karl Tauber $300.00
John Herr $4,500.00
Tim and Gina Tyckoson $100.00
Sorry we are late to the party! Xx
Vicki Fenton
I hope my $35 is the one that Al was looking for! You're a bunch of maniacs doing good. I wish you nothing but luck. Ride safe.
Jimmy Vega
Good luck
hope y'all beat jonathan ;) -rachel
Ben & Jackie Heller
Good Luck Andi & Al!!!
Jason Gill-Bloyer $100.00
Dirk and Karina
Hope it is not too late. See you soon!
Christine Hammill-Perkins
I appreciate your faithfulness to the ministry, along with your love of music and fun! :) Take care! Linda
Stephanie & Duane Hiles
Hi guys!! Will be thinking of you during tomorrow's Endurance Ride 2017!! Go, Mennonites, Go!!! We love you, and we love Emmaus!!!
$100 for each of you, my friends. Now ride like the wind (and I'll see you next time)!
Luanne Redmond
Ride on Team Living Water!
Cash Donation $20.00
Carolyn J Green
Go, get 'em, guys!
Jim $50.00
Paul Horcher
Keep em spinning Andi & Al!!!!!!
The Gallaghers
Pedal faster!
Crush the competition. Make us proud! So happy to support!
Osvaldo Guzman $100.00
Nan Miller $50.00
Ride like the wind! (And good luck!)
Dominick D Burgos
Carry on Garth
go for it!
Aunt Martha
Happy birthday to me and my twin, Mary! This is in tribute to our 160th birthday!
Dianna $100.00
Mike $200.00
Josh & Helen Sheneman
Good luck from Helen and Josh. RIde on!
Have fun kids!
you guys are awesome!!
Love you guys!!
Jamie & John M
Best of luck with the ride - so sorry to miss it again this year!
Cheryl and Gordon Murphy
in honor of my first girlfriend Mary Tauber
Jordan and Diana Taylor
Good luck, guys!! We love you!
Kacie $50.00
david miller $50.00
Janice Kennel Ropp $50.00
Keith and Amanda Thode
Good luck!!
Hey Shel
Go team Tauber!
Janice & James Cha
Go go GO!
Denise and Jim
Cam Traut
Praying for a great ride and avoidance of local emergency rooms! Ha!
Bill $150.00
Dan and Lisa Sniderman
Have a great ride!
Anonymous $50.00
Pam and Jim
Ride safely!
Zathras Prince
*no need to mail anything..(save the postage) / in memory of Zathras (he never took my last name)
Team Living Water $23,183.55
Rebecca Larsen $395.00
Andi and Al Tauber $12,877.50
Darin Cauley $2,766.05
Stephen Lamb $525.00
Kristin Jackson $6,045.00
KT McClure $575.00

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