Endurance Ride 2017

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Hey all,

I'm Heather and I'm a member of the Kaio Community at Emmaus Ministries. In short, that means I'm a full-time volunteer for Emmaus; I'm not in this for the money. I'm in it because I love the men we serve and because God has called me to be a part of this right now.

Oh hey, speaking of money, I see you managed to make it to my fundraising page - welcome! Does that mean you're going to make a pledge to support me in the Endurance Ride? The Endurance Ride is our largest fundraiser of the year. It's a bike-a-thon taking place on June 10th in Plano, IL, and my goal is to ride 50 miles that day. I've never biked that far before and I probably won't have legs by the end of the day. You could be a part of making that happen! Doesn't that sound great?!?

But on a more serious note, supporting me in the Endurance Ride supports the men I serve, and that is a very worthy cause. These men are the lowest of the low in our society - homeless men engaged in prostituting their own bodies for daily survival. They are often overlooked, even by the Church. In fact, before learning of Emmaus you may have not even realized that this is something that happens in our world. But it does, and Emmaus is the only organization in the United States that serves these men.

So please, support me as I bike for them. They're worth it.

If you want to learn more about the Endurance Ride, or if you'd like to register as a rider or volunteer, you can go to www.enduranceride.org. If you'd like more info about Emmaus Ministries, visit www.streets.org.

Emmaus Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Please note that all funds raised through this site go to support Emmaus Ministries, and GroupRev does not receive any portion of funds.

Philip & Bonnie Bustrum $50.00
Andi and Al
Doing our part to take down Joel.
Lakeview Baptist Church $100.00
Mitch Truex $60.00
Adam and Tanya Metzger $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Brian Larson $40.00
Elizabeth and Richard Trumbull $50.00
Gloria Allred $20.00
Mary Truex $25.00
Great job! Here is our promised $1/mile, you earned it.
Don Snyder
Kathy and I are praying for a successful and safe event. Have fun and keep us updated on how it goes.
Liv $25.00
Anonymous $110.00
Ashley N
Good luck, Heather!
Jackie Chism
Blessings on your ride!
Kelly Colwell
So glad you are up for the challenge. Ride on!
Amy Guan
You're so awesome, Heather!!
Brittany Stichter
So encouraged by the way you are allowing the Father to work through you! Love you!
Lauren Zapater
I hope the ride goes well! May God bless you and this ministry :)
Good luck Heather!
Jen Decker $50.00
I would come out and cheer you on, but I will be at a wedding that weekend. Enjoy the ride and keep your legs; I want to see you later!
Chuck and Kristin Truex
Have a great ride Heather!
Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jeff
We expect you to do the whole 50!! Love you!
Warren D'Souza
Good luck Heather!!
Jessica Taylor
Hi, Heather I hope your ride goes well! :)
Ruth Voth
May the Lord bless you and those to whom you minister in His Name. Love you, Ruth and Dick
Anonymous $50.00
Denise Fry $50.00
Hi-ho Silver, Away!

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