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Friends & Family,

I am proud to share that October 18, 2022, marks my one-year anniversary as Executive Director of Global Kids.  In this year I have been privileged to lead this organization as it emerges from the pandemic, full of promise.  Each day I see the impact we make on the lives of young people through NYC and Washington, DC; helping them to develop their agency and walk assuredly to their bright future ahead.  Join me on October 15, 2022 by making a donation and/or walking to celebrate this one-year milestone as well as kicking-off my my 100-day countdown to my 50th Birthday, January 25, 2023.  I would like to raise $500 for every KI walk.  Thank you for your support!

Congratulations on leading a fantastic organization! Keep up the great work! (You make Ohio natives proud)
Nikki Lofton
Happy 'Kick Off' to the big Birthday Dominique! Have a great walk!
Nicole Finigan Ndzibah $50.00
Takisia Whites
Anything for the children!
Camesha Grant
Happy Birthday Dominique!
Camille Cooper
Good Luck on you walk!
Charlotte Frazier $50.00
Jennifer WoodsHenderson
Dominique….God Bless You for helping to make a difference. The world needs more people like you.
Mysheika Roberts $100.00
Keep up the great work!
Claudia Mason
Proud of you Dominique!!!
Arva Rice
Keep Shining Friend
Daisy Auger-Dominguez
Go, Dominique, Go!
Deborah Taylor
Congratulations on 1 year of leadership at Global Kids, enjoy the walk and Happy Birthday!
Yrthya Dinzey Flores
Go team Global Kids!!
Ngozi O
Keep up the great work!
Love you Dom!
Angie Hancock $250.00
La Shell Wooten
Congrats on a great cause and a good event!
Nicole H. $100.00
Dawn Tyler Lee
You got this!!! Countdown to 50!!!
Ruth Jurgensen
I admire the motivation, Dominique! Keep going!
Sandra Biesenberger
You continue to inspire and give so much! Enjoy the run!
Maria Buck $50.00
Strength & energy to my fellow nonprofit leader.
Daina A. Troy $50.00
Dale Abrams
Congratulations on amazing accomplishments
Jeff Dunston
Dominique - Your a true Champion of Youth! All the best my friend.
Jocelynne Rainey
Go Dominique!
Sheryl Huggins Salomon
Debra-Ellen Glickstein
Happy happy birthday and congratulations on your wonderful work!
Dominique R. Jones
DRJ5K4FIFTY $2,930.00
Dominique Jones $2,930.00

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