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Hey everyone!

Global Kids serves thousands of young people in NYC and DC through programs that promote human rights and social justice. GK encourages our youth to think globally and become confident leaders in their communities. Many of us have had the privilege of benefitting from and being inspired by the work of GK, and as members of the Alumni Council and greater network know, once a Global Kid, always a Global Kid. 

Please consider donating to support GK's efforts to support future generations of youth leaders. No amount is too small!

Thanks so much!

Jillian Lewis Co-Chair, Global Kids Alumni Council

Roland Lewis
Wishing you all much success!
go gk
thanks for organizing this
Jillian Lewis $20.00
Deshawn Cook $30.00
Team YPC + Alumni $5,993.24
Jennifer Park $320.24
Doug McLaurin $880.00
Stephanie Hare $2,223.00
Isabelle Wechsler $615.00
Aisulu Masylkanova $750.00
Kelsey Young $615.00
Monika M $370.00
Jillian Lewis $220.00

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