2020 Tour de Force Memorial Ride

Boston to New York City -19 Year Anniversary of 9/11 Learn More

Hi friends and family !!

   This is the 4th year I will be riding with a team of extraordinary people from all over the country. The ride is from Boston to New York City. Please support us with as much or as little as you like, every little bit helps. Thank you and I look forward to riding for those that made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Thank you for joining me! ---GF

Team East Coasters $500.00
angie & george
sorry im late this year! Once again job well done! We love you!
Get peddling!!
Enjoy the ride nasty !!!!
Michalis Digenakis
Ride Hard and Swift!!!
Belesis’ say you can do it!!
You can do it!!!!
Good luck!!
Love you Bro..thank you for doing this.
Mavroudis Family
Love you lots and so excited for you. Can I be your water girl?
Tara Tsouknidas $50.00
Keep on rolling!! Good Luck!!!! Enjoy the ride! BE SAFE!!!
Erik Gonzalez $100.00
Team East Coasters $7,155.00
George Fountoulakis $2,450.00
Josh Sanders $1,400.00
Oscar Santos $1,005.00
Harry Myers $185.00
Terry DeHamer $1,115.00
Jeffrey Clark $1,000.00

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