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It’s not very often I send out posts, however, this is too important to pass on.

As you know Cedar Rapids is full of top-notch non-profits agencies doing outstanding work in Cedar Rapids.

Youth For Christ is one of those non-profits, and it’s because of its leadership that it ranks right at the top of my list.

This August 19th Youth for Christ will be bringing in Over the Edge. Over The Edge provides non-profits a very unique way of raising money. (Watch video Fun high energy promo created by a client)

The way it works, those individuals that would like the opportunity to go “over the edge” must raise $1000.00 for this opportunity, or, some people choose to raise enough money for the opportunity to toss their boss.

If you watched the video you will notice, the people on the ground were having as much fun as those repelling down the building.

My reason for posting this is, I would like to raise $2000.00.

The reason for $2000.00 goes back to my comment regarding the spectators watching this event.

It would be an honor and privilege to gift my Over The Edge experience to Nick and Gwen Johnson. Nick and Gwen are the children of Joel and Saren Johnson, friends of Kathy and I. Both Nick and Gwen are students of Prairie High School and both have the challenge of suffering from Cerebral Palsy. While this would slow most of us down, it in no way slows down Nick or Gwen.

If this is something you feel good about supporting, I invite you to support me with a donation or join me watching Nick and Gwen repel down the Iowa Building.

Thanks so much in advance for your consideration and your support.

Paul Phelan.

Katie & Neil Brown $50.00
Paul Phelan $100.00

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