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Hi Friends and Family!  I am partnering with my awesome family and FaithQuest to bring hope for war-torn children. 12 of us are going to run from Huntington Beach to San Diego for a 200 mile non-stop 30 hour Ragnar Relay to show our commitment to the cause and raise both awareness and funds for emergency meals. My goal is over 6000 meals translating to $2000, so every $200 is another 600 meals! Every donation is appreciated and matters immensely to both these children and me too! 

You can give with any major credit card and it only takes 30 seconds. You guys rock!

Thank you for joining me! - Rachel


Literally millions of children and their families have been forced to flee from their homes due to brutal wars and conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, creating a historic opportunity to respond with audacious and transformational love! We intend to respond in a big way with compassion and action for these children of war and conflict zones!

This year, our goal is pack and ship 500,000 high-nutrition emergency meals for children fleeing war zones in South Sudan into Northern Uganda. Also, to ship awesome playgrounds that have been requested to draw children and their families to key relief and outreach locations where more of their needs can be met. FaithQuest will partner with the deeply experienced Kids Around The World and Samaritan's Purse organizations and also continue it's ongoing outreach work to mobilize USA churches for the greatest possible long-term impact.



Proceeds will fund FaithQuest’s work bringing relief and hope to war-torn children. This includes direct relief to children including emergency food and playgrounds overseas, loving Christian witness, as well as mobilizing churches in the USA for greater and longer term impact with these children and their families.

Michelle McLauchlin
Proud of you friend, good luck!!
Chris Matson
Love you Rachel! Best wishes and prayers for you as you do this. You rock!
Melissa Durham
Run, Rachel, run!!!
Esther Bandy
Run Rach run!
Sharon Dahme
Strong and able! You go, Girl!
Andrea Hall
Go Rachel Go!
Anonymous $20.00
Teresa $15.00
Austin Lumbard
Changing the world one stride at a time! You go girl!!!!
Erin Miller $50.00
God bless sister!
Michelle Burt
I pray these monies are multiplied by our Lord Jesus Christ to feed and bless these beautiful babies ❤️
Love you
So proud of you Rachel! You got this!!! <3
Robin J Heffner
Proud of you for joining such a great cause! Love you all!!!
John and Karen Richmond
Run Rachel Run
Cynthia Delgado
Love what you're doing and love this cause! God bless these poor children
Much love Rach! I know I’ve said it before but u literally saved my life. Love you and very very grateful to call u a friend!
Anonymous $235.00
Michael & Susan Lumbard
So proud of you rising to the challenge and your willingness to support this worthy cause. God bless you!
Jim Anduiza
Run quick like a bunnie!
Julia & Family
I’ m so amazed by you! Thank you for having such a beautiful heart.

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