Bruce Laughlin - Central Indiana FCA Year-End Campaign 2018

#WeAreFCA - Join us to See the World Transformed By Jesus Christ through the Influence of Coaches and Athletes

This page was created in support of Central Indiana FCA Year-End Campaign 2018 - Click here to join this cause


We are One Team, One School, One Community...

  • FCA is a STUDENT-ATHLETE like Madison, leading a Bible study with her teammates utilizing FCA Bibles you provided! 
  • FCA is a COACH like Eric, modeling character to his players through the 3-D principles he learned at an FCA Coaches' Clinic! 
  • FCA is a CAMPER like Jermaine, one of the 87 high school football players who gave their lives to Christ at an FCA Camp!
  • FCA is a TEACHER like Tracey, who has been battling cancer for 2 years, yet every Thursday leads an FCA Huddle in her school to give her students hope! 
  • FCA is a PASTOR like John, coming alongside FCA in his local community to speak at a weekend chapel!
  • FCA is a MOM like Shelby, organizing snacks every week for her daughter's Friday morning FCA Huddle!
  • FCA is a BUSINESSMAN like Ryan, faithfully supporting FCA financially each month!
  • FCA is a VOLUNTEER like Jeff, serving pasta in an IPS High School before the pre-game chapel!
  • FCA is CHRIST transforming lives through your PARTNERSHIP in this ministry

YOU ARE FCA! WE ARE FCA! Together we can achieve the vision of seeing the World Transformed by Christ through the influence of Coaches and Athletes! 

During this time of the year, would you consider making a year-end donation to help us bring Christ to more people in Central Indiana? Your support will have a lasting impact on the lives of student-athletes and coaches.

Please join us today! #WeAreFCA

$50 – Provides an IPS TEAM with a Meal and Team Chapel.

$150 – Equips a Team with Leadership Bibles & Bible Study Resources.

$500 – Grants a Camp Scholarship for a Team Captain or a Coach.

$1,500 – Supports a Team Huddle for an entire YEAR!

For more information on Central Indiana FCA, visit us at Thank you!

Phil Talley $25.00
Brandon Currie
Its an honor to donate to a cause supported by Bruce Laughlin.
Good Work Bruce!
Anonymous $25.00
Bob and Mary Birk $50.00
Brad Stewart
Mark Boyd
Anonymous $25.00
Tom Brown $100.00
Carey Mountcastle
Kids need more parenting, less government intrusion, calisthenics as part of physical education in school and structured after school programs. Martial arts would be beneficial to these kids too.
Mike & Tennille Rains $100.00
Source Brokerage Inc $100.00
Dave Kiecker $500.00
Sheila Roesler $100.00
John Rasmussen
Thanks for the invite Bruce - Good luck with this campaign and thanks for helping with FCA at IUPUI - I know the athletes appreciate your involvement.
Doug & Tracy Conner
Good luck Bruce
Michael E Pritzl, CLU, CLF
Hi Bruce, Thank you for the opportunity to participate!
Causey family
Steve Stribling
Great cause Bruce. Good luck achieving your goal!
Bill Dayton $100.00
Jeff and Brenda $50.00
Louis & Leigh Lazaron $100.00
thanks for the opportunity to give. The gospel is indeed best preached through acts of service. Godspeed to FCA. -E
Hugh & Veronica McFadden $100.00
Daniel B. Jones $50.00
mike mathews
This is a great cause Bruce, thank you for all of your good work.
Bruce and Carolyn Laughlin $2,500.00

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