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Hi all,

Usually around this time of year, I'm appealing to you about helping support my Cycle the Campus ride, in order to help fund the ministry efforts of His House Christian Fellowship at college campuses across Michigan. But this year is different.

Why is this year different, Joe?

I'm glad you asked. This year is different because I'm not riding in Cycle the Campus. This year is different because my loving bride of almost 12 years volunteered me to run the CTC 10k instead. 

Yup. So now I'm running 10 kilometers (I guess it's better than the bike seat)

That being said, would you prayerfully consider supporting my (gulp) run this year? My goal is $1000, so that's like a dollar for every 10 meters I run. Easy, right.....Right?

Jokes aside, I appreciate you and your willingness to partner with us in moving ministry forward!

Dan Navis $20.00
Robey Family
We love you and the ministry you are doing.
Carol Dykhouse $100.00
Dad and Mom
Go Joe!
Aaron Wheat
Katie and I are so proud of the leader you have become and of the ministry HS is doing all across the state. Keep it up!
Jean and Brian $100.00
Dave and Mary Price $100.00
Cornell Family $50.00
FSU Students $5.00
Go Joe! Hope to see you in Big Rapids in a few weeks :)
Team FSU $4,258.00
Kate Hogoboom $1,003.00
Joe Hogoboom $1,020.00
Wanda Fritzsche $100.00
Sondra Fettes $840.00
Ray Fettes $345.00
Hannah Fettes $225.00

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