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Hello friends! I have loved singing with Los Robles Master Chorale since 2016. In a normal September, we would be returning to our weekly Tuesday night rehearsals for the new choral season, but this year we've been silenced. To support this choir that I love, I will be posting a song on my social media and sharing with my supporters every Tuesday in September in honor of our missed rehearsals, and I am also sharing this fundraiser with you.

Will you support me by donating and helping me reach my goal?

Thank you!


Singing is about breath... and support.

These days, when shared breath can be dangerous, our singing needs even more support to survive the season. Yes, times are hard for choral music. Considered a super-spreader activity by the CDC (we're so sinister), group singing has been silenced in 2020. Los Robles Master Chorale is one of the countless choirs struggling to keep the music alive until the time when we can once again safely lift our voices as one.

Will you support us?

Since its founding in 1977, LRMC has more than doubled in size and budget; has broadened its repertoire to include choral music of all styles; and includes exceptional singers from Los Angeles, Riverside, and Ventura Counties. We have yearly fixed expenses of $58,000 ($57,924 to be exact) even when we are not holding rehearsals and concerts. That number includes: rent (our office and music library space), utilities, insurance, website, Constant Contact, salaries, bookkeeper. Without the annual income of member dues, concert ticket revenue, and the donations that a regular concert season inspires, we are struggling to sustain.

Will you support us?

As each singer brings their individual voice the the choir, here each singer has brought their individual part to this month-long fundraiser, many with a unique fundraising initiative or gift of their own choosing. Each of our singers has a unique fundraising page, and you are invited to explore how each singer is reaching out for support.

Will you support our singers?

The Los Robles Master Chorale is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. LRMC’s tax ID is #77-0366215.

Kerrie Sadler
Jessica, thanks for sharing your beautiful voice to help raise $$ for LRMC!
Candy Emberley $20.00
Barri Tsavaris
Keep on singing <3
Karume Deco $25.00
Barb Mikolajczyk
Praying for normal to return soon. Thanks for singing songs and keeping live music Alive!! Love hearing you-whenever and wherever!!
Guy Maeda
Thanks for doing this Jessica!!!
Patricia Margarita Maertens $10.00
Sean Rohani $5.00
Jimmy and Eudora
Lots of love in these dog days of summer
Ward & Marlene Rau
We always love listening to you sing, Jessica, whether individually or with the choir. Keep on singing!
katie olsen $10.00

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