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One in four women will lose a baby in pregnancy or infancy Learn More
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We're two families, both affected by the inexplicable loss of two sons--Both due to late-term cord accidents.

On September 10, 2012, the Watanabe family experienced the tragic loss of their first and only son Luke Watanabe due to a cord accident at 39 weeks. There was no warning--Nothing. By the time Jen and Jeff made it to the hospital for lack of movement, he was already gone. Nothing in the world can prepare you for that experience, but the OC Walk to Remember provided comforting care and supplies at the hospital during a time when they had no idea what to expect or how to deal with what was happening.

Then on July 18, 2016, the same words were uttered to the Helwich family after Lauren went in for her 20-week anatomy scan. "I'm sorry. There's no heartbeat." After three days of induced labor, Lauren gave birth to sweet Finnigan Helwich. He too, passed from a cord accident--A nuchal cord wrapped too tightly around his neck.

Two perfect babies--taken by their cords before birth. Two boys. Cousins. 

We wish that nobody would ever have to experience feelings like we have, but hope that if they do, they will receive similar comfort and support. A donation in Luke and Finn's names will add to their legacies in our hearts and give their brief lives meaning. We wish things could be different, but are so thankful for this organization and all it does for the baby-loss community.

Funds from Forever Footprints go toward:

Forever Footprints has several support opportunities for all of those effected by pregnancy or infant loss: mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, family and friends.

Education and Support Books Program
Forever Footprints Support Groups
Journey to Remember Program
Memory Box Program
Remembrance Basket Program
Sibling to Remember Program

Forever Footprints is certified as a Continuing Education Provider by the Board of Behavioral Sciences and Board of Registered Nursing by the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs. Forever Footprints educators meet with doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, doulas and other medical related staff to ensure they are providing the best care possible for families who have had or will have a pregnancy or infant loss. Forever Footprints partners with many southern California hospitals and attends several community events throughout the year. Click here to view our Partnering Hospitals or Community Outreach.

Forever Footprints offers opportunities for remembrance events like the OC
Walk to Remember, Walk to Remember Inland Empire,  Golf to
Remember Auction & Dinner, IE Nurturing to Remember and OC Nurturing to Remember. We also provide memorials to provide remembrance to families who have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss.

Thank you for any donation, no matter how small! We would also love for you to join us in walking with Finn's Force and Luke's Skywalkers at the OC Walk to Remember on Saturday October 8, 2016.

If you'd like to read more about Luke's story, please visit

♥The Watanabe family♥                                                ♥The Helwich family♥
Jen, Jeff, Luke, Lena, and Lainey                            Andrew, Lauren, Ethan, and Finn


Jonathan Cavotta
May the force be with you!
Charlene P
Laurie Talbot
So sorry that this in imaginal loss has affected your family twice. I think of Luke and now Finn often. I love your honest Mother's heart, Jenn. May God bless all of you.
Tricia Canales $25.00
Nancy Marinelli
Luke will always be remembered.
Alison Hunter $25.00
Connie Helwich
Missing Luke and Finn always and forever. Love you all!
Martha Jane Power
Leigh Ann Q. $40.00
Nacho & Susie Ramirez
For those sweet angels… Finn & Luke
The Walter Family
Remembering Finn and Luke. Always walking in spirit!
Caleb's parents $100.00
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Brad, Lisa, Sean, and Natasha
You guys are always in our hearts.
Aunt Ali, Uncle Andy, Maddie and Desi
Love and miss you Luke and Finn! We will be walking with you in spirit!
Kimberly Tidd
Sending love to you and your family.
Megan Zfaty $30.00
Nika Bunkley
The Talbots
Love you all so much
Jessica Dayyat
Keep walking!!!!! XOXO
Kathy & Ken Kampman
Dormanesh Family $100.00
Julie Kenney-Ahern $100.00
Erin Raabe
Love to Luke, Finn, and your families, Jen. Love, Erin, Jacob, Connor and our angel baby girl <3
Kelly, Eric, & Logan
We send all of the family all of our love. We love and miss you Finn and Luke. Xoxoxo

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