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When a family is grieving, they need to know that they are not alone. They need to know that there is a trusted organization that will see them through a difficult time with compassionate support. Without Forever Footprints, parents would have few options for grief counseling and many families would have no reminders of their babies. 

Losing a baby, an infant, a child at any stage is a huge hitter. It's a topic where no one feels safe or comfortable to discuss with family, friends or strangers. In return, people dont know how to respond to your loss. Cliches, common quotes and honest words can only bring more hurts anger and pain. Forever footprints helped me feel welcomed and not alone. They allowed me to grieve in my many ways, each time I went. There was no judgement, only love, open hearts, tears shed for my Prince and their princes or princesses.

I lost my son Malachai Prince Hernandez 2 days before his due date. He was healthy, no medical problems or conditions. He had an unfortunate event with the umbilical cord. I share this here because this is very real and I dont want no one to feel alone in their journey. My goal to raise money is to help make uplifting impacts for moms, dads, siblings and other family/friends. And hopefully establish a wider range of support groups with forever footprints. There arent very many and I'd love to help forever footprints give back and give other families what they gave to me. 

Your donation directly impacts families grieving the loss of their baby or babies.

Our friendship is timeless it will go on forever just like your sons spirit with you ❣️ 8 is in the shape of infinity just like your love for him boundless limitless forever
Amor Lopez
Nery Noriega
In memory of Gods sweet creation, your precious baby Malachai. Praying for you. Always.
Josette scott
I am so proud of you. My time with my great grandson will forever stay in my heart and as I held you your presence will be for you my angel
In honor of our two angel babies
Auntie Eva
Beautiful baby boy Mija
Sandra Dyer
Missing you dearly but I know I will see you again when my chores are complete
Malachai's mom.
Keep spreading your love son. I love and miss you dearly.

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