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Lahash International is a ministry out of Portland, Oregon serving 300 extremely vulnerable kids in East Africa. We share the good news and love of Jesus with these amazing kids and help provide them with the hope and tools needed in order to thrive in life. We’ve seen an amazing impact these past 10 years of ministry!

For over a decade we’ve had our offices in spaces lent to us by churches in the Portland area. These offices have needed major repairs and significant ongoing upkeep. Now our vision and team is growing and we need a space for the next chapter of our ministry.

We’ve found a great new spot - but we’ll need to renovate the space before we move in!

Will you partner with us and help us raise the funds we need?

Cost Breakdown:

  • $6,000 - Will cover the first six months of rent for our new office.
  • $36,000 - Will cover the costs of stripping out old materials, installing six new offices (with space for 2 conference room areas), and furnish the rooms with desks, tables, screens, and other materials needed for the office. This cost will also cover our credit card processing fees and promotional efforts.
  • $42,000 - TOTAL COSTS

Our Proposed Floor plan:

The following are the different spaces we'll be able to create with your gifts:

  • Sponsorship Office
  • Stand with Students Office
  • Admin Office
  • Media Office
  • Servant Team Office
  • Presentation Room (this is also the Media office and will work as a video/audio recording studio)
  • Larger Volunteer work area (with a reception at the front)

Currently we care for 300 kids in East Africa through local partnerships with national churches and ministries. Our dream is to expand to care for 1000 children over the next 4 years.

Financial gifts to this project are an essential investment in the future and vision of our ministry.

Thank you for your consideration, prayers, and partnership in our work!

E. $25.00
M. A. $10.00
C M. $20.00
G & A B. $1,100.00
M & M S. $500.00
P S. $50.00
W M. $500.00
L C $50.00
A. S. $25.00
P. M $25.00
Turning Point Church $100.00
B C $4,000.00
T. C. $7,500.00
Anonymous $100.00
D. B. $300.00
B A A. $200.00
L D H. $75.00
Anonymous $350.00
Beverly Jacobson
We have been praying for Lahash as well as all the kids who are being and will be reached for God's kingdom! God bless!
God's work through Lahash in inspiring!! We are excited to see this ministry continue to move forward.
Howard and Michelle $250.00
Nickson Achienza K. $20.00
Joyce and Marvin Hall
So thankful for how the Lahash staff is obedient and faithful in their Kingdom work. May this new office space be a wonderful tool to increase what God has already started through Lahash.
Love you guys!
L. R. $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Neil and Laura G. $50.00
Will and Bethany Hewitt
We are so excited for the new office space!
GHMD friends $100.00
Y. R. $50.00
DuBos Family $50.00
G.W. $50.00
B family $30.00
C. B. $50.00
J. E. $1,000.00
R.W. $100.00
F.M. $100.00
J S $3,400.00
David & Allison Dyer $500.00
T S $25.00
L G C. $1,000.00
N B $50.00
C B $4,000.00
N.S. $2,000.00
Frances and Richard Schmidt
I have intended to give from my inheritance, and this cause is a perfect fit. Lahash is on my list and what good timing! Frances
Excited for this next chapter in your story!
D & T F. $250.00
T.B. $420.00
L.P. $500.00
A.C. $50.00
Corey Clay $50.00
M.M. $100.00
M.R. $50.00
N.H. $100.00
A.S. $250.00
I.M. $1,500.00
G.M. $1,000.00
A. S. $250.00
S & J B. $600.00
G T M. $1,000.00
C D D. $200.00
CH $500.00
Anonymous $200.00
J & C C. $500.00
R.C. $500.00
T J K. $50.00
R.R. $50.00
H.C. $500.00
JD $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Dan & Amber Son $50.00
I.M. $1,100.00
M. C. $1,000.00
Doug and Anya
So excited for the new space and the expanded vision to care for 1000 kids. We are blessed to be partner with this incredible organization!
K Foundation $10,000.00
N Family $400.00
Mike & Laura Potter $200.00
N H $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
A family $15.00
Dan and Erin Holcomb $65.00
Todd W.
For the new offices!! Hope to be able to see it soon! :)
K N $100.00
James Sedgwick
Excited for all this project means for Lahash and everyone God helps you reach! In prayer for you all!
I M $1,000.00
J J $100.00
Doug & Ruth Hazen
Exciting! Great ministry setting. Looking forward to being a part even further in the future.
Angotes $25.00
Otienos $15.00
E H $50.00
S Thompson $100.00

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