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Help to get to Ghana to document the powerful work of an NGO teaching bee-keeping to farmers! 

As many of you know, I am passionate about many things, but travel and creating positive change through storytelling photography are two passions at the top of my list. Consequently, after a long hiatus due to Covid travel restrictions, I was ecstatic when Photographers Without Borders offered me a new assignment. I was thrilled when I learned that I would be traveling to Ghana to tell a story involving my newest passion, beekeeping! 

There are “endless” economic and environmental benefits for West African farmers as they learn beekeeping. For example, the community partner I will be working with is promoting sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty and to build sustainable, resilient livelihoods. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit.

During my two-week assignment, I will be documenting the organization’s core work in Ghana’s central cashew growing zone and in Afram Plains. While there I will be meeting with newly trained beekeepers and visiting farms where crop yields have been boosted due to bee pollination. I will then follow these beekeepers during honey harvests while seeing honey and beeswax go all the way from hive to jar.

My subsequent photo story will illustrate the organizational, environmental and economic, “wins” the community is experiencing; collaboration, nature-based and regenerative solutions and both honey and wax to sell as a commodity. 

Curious about Photographers without Borders? Here's a bit more info! 

Every year, our Associates (photographers and videographers) donate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of their time to document the work of our Community Partners (grassroots NGOs, charities and community initiatives) that are making real change in this world where it is most needed. By honoring and witnessing humanity at its best, we hope to inspire and forge new narratives of what is possible. 

You can help by supporting our photographers! 

Each of our Associates is given a GroupRev fundraising page by PWB upon being selected for an Assignment. We offer this platform to make our programs accessible to all and enable our volunteer Associates to subsidize these necessary assignment-related expenses:

  • Assignment Cost
  • Airfare
  • Visa
  • Vaccinations
  • Emergency Medical & Travel Insurance

The following expenses are the sole responsibility of the Associate:

  • Privately-arranged travel / Equipment & equipment insurance / Software / Extra baggage fees / Donation perks / Clothing / Postage / Postcard / Prints / Etc.

We are a community of storytellers uniting to support our community partners on volunteer assignments through the PWB Program, and inspire new generations of storytellers through PWB School and our other initiatives and resources. Our mission is to make storytelling more accessible for communities around the world who are contributing to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and UNDRIP. PWB is registered as a charity in the United States with 501(c)(3) status and is registered as a not-for-profit organization in Canada. All donations are calculated in US Dollars and are tax-deductible for Americans and Canadians with US income.

PWB is not responsible for any donations made outside of these pages.

Any overage amounts raised on GroupRev will be donated and disbursed 50/50, between the Associate's assigned cause and PWB.


Learn more about PWB.

All donations are calculated in US Dollars and are tax-deductible for Americans and Canadians with US income.

Dana Johnson $500.00
Kim $150.00
Sarah Gott
Have the most amazing time!
Jenn Alaska
Proud of you! You are an amazing woman who I admire and love. XoXo
Anonymous $100.00
Proud of you for doing this!
Franci Claudon
You are a glorious source of good and love in the world.
Marilyn Asmuth
Blessings on your journey xo
Jose Villa Photo
Cant wait to hear all about this trip once you are back!! xoxo Jose
Tom Garrett
Happy to support you and all the good you do!
Carolyn Mehran
Good for you Briana! Happy to support you!
Mom & Dad
You go girl! We are so proud of you - Sharing your abundant gifts with the world and making a difference for good. ❤️
Rachel Riser $50.00
So exciting! Applaud your good works!!
LaRue & Caroline Robinson $100.00
Charley & Lynn $200.00
Anonymous $100.00
Alexis Alexander
Yes, what an incredible project Briana!! I traveled through Ghana in 2003 studying the international slave trade and its pathways for humans from the interior to the port of Accra. Happy for you to be there in a much more lighthearted (yet still impactful and important) way! <3
So inspiring!
Mitzi and Curtis Inglis
Anonymous $1,000.00

November 25, 2022 12:06 PM

Hello amazing donors! 

Well I was planning on writing you all from the airport this morning but unfortunately I have some bad news. My Visa application was delayed which in turn has lead to a trip delay. But unfortunately with the holidays coming and the timing of the honey flow on Ghana's end; that means rather than a small delay, it will be delayed by a few months. To say I am disappointed is a huge understatement!  I've been working on numerous channels for two weeks trying to expedite the visa to no avail. 

I'm gutted! 

But the good news is that the trip is NOT cancelled and my work will still be valuable when I'm able to travel. The world of Covid has taught us great lessons in pivoting, replanning, re-scheduling. I'll try to take those lessons to heart now as I figure out how to do this! 

Thank you all for support. It means so much to me! I'll give you more news as I have it! 

August 9, 2022 1:52 PM

Whoot! Whoot! 

We are more than halfway there! I'm feeling incredibly grateful and humbled by everyone's kindness. 

Thanks for your support, generosity and good vides sent my way! It means the world to me! 

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