Pam's 2020 Triumph to the Summit Adventure!

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Hi Friends and Family, 

Our team is assembled and the hiking gear is ready...The mountains are calling and I must go!  I'm excited to once again lead a team of dedicated hikers in the High Sierra Mountains this summer as we embark on another Triumph to the Summit odyssey.  It is one of my favorite times of the year, and particularly this year, when we have been sheltered in place and isolated from one another, to be able to breathe in the cool mountain air and share time with friends in the mountains will be food for my soul.  We've made a few tweaks to how we will hike to make sure that our team remains safe even while hiking.

I hope that you will consider supporting my fundraising campaign. I've set a goal to raise $1,500 this summer.  Why $1,500? Because that is the funding needed to enroll 1 more cancer survivor in our Fall trimester of Triumph Fitness.  Our Foundation hasn't missed a beat in continuing to provide our services despite the pandemic.  Our team has been incredibly creative and I am so proud that they were able to reformat our programs to be safe and effective in a virtual format.  And so the show goes on!  We have more survivors already on our list of the Fall trimester that are seeking our help.  All dollars raised through this endeavor will fund Triumph Fitness!

Please feel free to share my fundraiser with others who might be inclined to support us or inspired by our adventures, which will be posted every Sunday on Facebook beginning on July 12th until our final hike on September 11th.  

Onward to the Summit!!! Thank you, Pam

Marianne Grimshaw
Hi Tootie!!! Very thoughtful decision of why you hike ! I’m glad to give what I can to Triumph to my sister!! Mar
Happy Hiking Pam and team! Michael
Crystal Kekai Rowland
Go Pam and Paul! Have a great hike!
Laura DiGiambattista
You are such an inspiration, Pam. I’ll be with you in spirit as you hike.
Aaron & Raisa $20.00
The Bowman's $50.00
Thanks for all you do!
Steve Bartolucci $200.00
Eileen M Grady
Congrats on 20 years and another birthday!
Lezlie Johannessen
Congratulations Pam! You inspire us all! Sending love from Blaine Washington

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