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Hi Friends and Family, 

I am so proud to once again be leading a team of hikers, mostly cancer survivors, as we embark on another summer of hitting the trails in Northern California. Over the next 3 months, our team will take in the majestic scenery as we hike through the high mountains - and to the ocean.  Part of our goal is to inspire others by sharing our stories along the trail.  Inevitably, people ask about our Triumph blue shirts, and it gives us the opportunity to talk about Triumph Cancer Foundation and the services we provide to local cancer survivors.  We've had some great conversations over the last 8 hiking seasons!  

I have set a goal to raise $1,500 this year.  By making a pledge, you will be helping to sponsor a cancer survivor, enabling them to enroll in 12 weeks of Triumph Fitness after they complete their cancer treatment.  Making a pledge to my donation page is truly a gift to a survivor who is looking to regain their strength, stamina and confidence after treatment.  The majority of our hikers are graduates of Triumph Fitness - they are all now strong and healthy again thanks to our program!

In July, I will celebrate not only my birthday, but also 23 years of survivorship.  What would bring me the most joy is to be able to give the Gift of Triumph to a fellow cancer survivor.  Thank you for helping me in this endeavor!

With a grateful heart - Pam

Julie W.
Cures Rock!!! You amaze me, Pam! Thanks for all you do!
Lisa Howard
Thank you for all you do and all you bring to the world.
Carrie Temple
Thank you for all you do year after year!!
Marianne Grimshaw
Today, Saturday, is your big trip to Thunder Mountain! Happy hiking!!
Pam - thank you for leading this amazing team to the summit and for all you do to help cancer survivors thrive
Eileen Grady
Happy hiking, Pam! Good to see you're still going strong!
Mike F.
Happy belated birthday, Pam!!
John Owens and Pat Strong
Pam, You know we will always be here for you and Triumph. John
Happy Birthday Pammie! Thanks for doing all of the wonderful, selfless things that you do to help others.
Gian Montesini
Thanks for all you do, Pam!!

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