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Jace's Defenders / Action Jackson Justice League - Run to Fight Children's Cancer 2019

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Our day of infamy, November 30th 2015. When Ann & I received the devastating news of Jace's leukemia diagnosis, a cancer of the body’s blood forming tissues, it brought us to our knees. We didn’t know a lot about leukemia but what we did know was that it is a life threatening disease. We were scared and didn’t know what to do or what to expect. Nevertheless there was no time for denial or time to take in the heartache. As parents, we needed to be strong for Jace and his three brothers as we about to embark on the fight of our lives! With the help of our family, friends and community we persevered and made it through some of the toughest battles of our lifetimes. Fast forward to present, Jace is thriving and is for the most part just like any other kid on the playground albeit his continued maintenance chemo through March 29th, 2019.

Jace’s leukemia diagnosis has opened our eyes to a part of this world that we were previously bind to, that being “childhood” cancer. If you ever see a CHILD fighting cancer it will change your outlook on life FOREVER! We are one of the fortunate families, unlike many others, who are currently winning the battle against cancer but could not have done it alone! Now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel it's time for us to give back and help other children and their families battling cancer.

Our team of supporters known as Jace's DEFENDERS is partnering with Arizona's own Children's Cancer Network to raise money for Children's Cancer Network as well as Phoenix Children's Hospital as part of Run to Fight Children's Cancer 2019 and we would love to have your support in reaching or better yet exceeding our goal! I understand you may not be a cancer parent, so raising funds may not be a priority, but the day before our son Jace’s diagnosis we weren’t cancer parents either….

You can donate right now by hitting the “Give Now” button and using any major credit card - it's easy and only takes 30 seconds. Funds We appreciate it so very much, as do the cancer-fighting superheroes who face this terrible disease with courage and bravery.

Thank you for joining our team in the fight again childhood cancer!


George & Ann Hyduchak


All donations for Jace's Defenders team are deposited directly to Children's Cancer Network and therefore are eligible for the AZ tax credit under charitable giving. Children’s Cancer Network is proud to be a Qualified Charitable Organization in Arizona allowing for a TAX CREDIT of up to $400 for those filing AZ state taxes as individuals and up to $800 for those filing as a couple. Donations prior to December 31 will also provide a TAX DEDUCTION on your federal taxes. For more information on the AZ Tax Credit please click here or contact Patti Luttrell at 602-717-9139 or


Jace was the honorary race starter for the Grand Canyon University - 2017 Run to Fight Children’s Cancer Race. This has been a huge privilege and has allotted us many opportunities to spread awareness and raise funds for pediatric cancer research and support services.

Below are several of the links to local media coverage that tell our story. Our favorites are indicated with an asterisk *

*His cancer fight showed the superhero in all of us – Grand Canyon University News – THE BEGINNING

*What makes a superheo? A 6-year-old boy who fought cancer knows – & AZ Republic newspaper

*Child-cancer benefit is personal for Ahwatukee family - & Ahwatukee newspaper.

*Same school, same class, same battle to fight cancer – ABC15 news &

Run to fight children’s cancer provides support in unexpected ways – 3TV and

More than 3,000 people step out to fight children’s cancer – NBC12 news &

*There were no limits to inspiration at Run to Fight - Grand Canyon University News – THE END

Cymer Matching Funds $250.00
Jace's End of Treatment Party Donations $495.00
Habit Burger Fundraiser
Store #42 Chandler
Nicole Wintring $25.00
Adrien Wess $20.00
Accomazzo Family
Keep kicking cancer's butt, Jace!!
Loren Larson
Jace...I don't know if you know this, but your Dad is kind of uptight. If he moves too fast, he farts, only it's really high pitch. Long story short...I think he's a good guy, farts and all. Are you running tomorrow. If you do, tear it up!!!
Claudia MI Camarillo
For the strongest boy I know. Jace, you are definitely crossing the finish line now!
Courtney Cavaiola
Making a donation in case we can't get our wild child out of the house tomorrow morning!
Pat and Laura Stanley
Go Jace and Jackson !! Sorry we will miss the race this year! You are true super heroes❤️
Cymer Matching Funds $1,000.00
Irvine Family
Go Jace! You're almost at the treatment finish line! Have fun at the race!
Keiko and Bob
Good luck on your run!!
The Patersons
Go Jace and Jackson!!!
George & Ann Hyduchak
In honor of our Cancer Fighting Superhero. We love you to moon and back! Mom & Dad
Jace's Defenders Community Garage Sale $600.00

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