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Saint John's is in the middle of a funding crisis - you can help us bridge the gap!

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In September of 2017, Sacramento County ended a 15-year partnership with Saint John's Program for Real Change that supported services for homeless women and children in Sacramento. This is a significant portion of the funds we need to continue our work, as Saint John’s currently serves approximately 200 women and children each day and our daily wait list is now over 400 women and children. While Saint John’s fundraising efforts provide the bulk of our operating funds, the money lost due to our loss of contract has created a funding crisis for Saint John’s.

To maintain our current capacity for 200 women and children who are desperate for a safe and productive place to get their lives on track, and to continue to tackle our daily wait list of 400 women and children, we are asking for your help.

A gift of $130 provides a family full support for 24 hours including housing, drug and alcohol counseling, parenting education, healthy relationship training and childcare.

The need is immediate. By helping now, you will keep our red doors open to women and children who want to change their lives.

Please consider making a donation of $130 today and sharing this page with your friends, family, work colleagues…anyone and everyone who can help create real change for the women and children of Saint John’s! 

James Kevin Peterson
Donald Robinson $1,000.00
Sacramento Yacht Club
So Glad we could help, great cause! Phil
Karen and Bob McLaughlin $150.00
Fred and Nancy Teichert $260.00
Mark Napior $135.00
Sasha Wirth $100.00
Saint John's Team $9,608.00
Olivia Woods $570.00
Rebecca Sloan $725.00
Christy Glime $0.00
Pamela Kay $0.00
Sasha Wirth $2,383.00
Karen OHara $2,520.00
Ethan Flanagan $0.00
Kelvin Kimball $0.00
Marva Moore $0.00
Brynna Arneson $0.00
Amy McCuaig $640.00
Michele Steeb $2,270.00
Scot Sorensen $500.00
Marc Cawdrey $0.00

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