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A group of friends of mine and I have been supporting a group of orphans in Pakistan for the past 6 months, providing food and clothing.

We got a call yesterday that the government is shutting down schools if they are not able to protect the children from the attacks. We are quickly raising money to finish the wall around the school or the police will close it on Monday. We literally have 24 hours to get the money to them tomorrow. (They are a day ahead and no monies can transfer on Sunday.)

Our needs are very small however if we do not raise the funds to build the wall, our school will close and the orphans will have no where to go. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
ALL monies collected will be send directly to aid the children. We will take care of administration costs so every dollar collected will be sent. Even $5 will go a long way in saving these kids.

Thank you for your support in this great mission project. These are kids at a Christian school in a Muslim country and this heightened security was prompted when the 132 children were killed in Peshwar very recently.

Others in our group will provide the info of where to send the money, either through grouprev or paypal. We normally send the money through money gram as the country shut down Western Union.

Thank you very much, this means a lot to me personally and I can't wait to hear the great success stories coming from these kids. Thank you for being a part of this great project.

Anonymous $20.00
CMDill $100.00
Dawn $9.50
Mike Hassinger $100.00
Mike Almeyda
Save these precious children :)
Rhea Komarek, Love Bomb
Beautiful Service. xo
Claudette $150.00
Mario Johns
Love you Amy!!!
tammy $50.00
Rachel Moreaux $20.00

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