Serbia Global Impact 2017

A three month mission in Serbia to reach the youth and city of Belgrade.

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Hello friends & family!

It’s Morgan here. I am writing to you because my life is about to take an amazing turn into the calling God has placed on my life. God has called me to live and serve in Belgrade, Serbia for three months.

I attend The Cove Church in Mooresville, NC where I serve as a Cove Student Ministry (CSM) leader. Our church has what we call ‘campuses’ all over the surrounding area and the world. We had our Campus Pastor from Belgrade, Serbia come to speak at CSM close to a year ago. My heart felt an aching love for the people of Serbia. A feeling I have never felt before. Through prayer God began speaking to me about taking my love for Jesus over to their country. I wasn’t quite sure about it, so I asked Him to send me on a local trip. God fully came through with that and I learned a lot. After continued prayer about this opportunity I heard God speak to me to take three months dedicated to serving Jesus and spreading His love in Serbia. Through even more continued prayer I asked God for the confidence to approach my church’s international leaders. Once God put our international leader, Sami, and I together in the same room for about the third time I approached him. It turns out what I felt called to over there is what our Serbian campus pastor, Danko, has been asking us for support with.

What is it that I am called to? Discipleship. Like everyone in the body of Christ I am called to disciple. God has put on my heart to take everything I have learned serving at CSM here in Mooresville, NC and pour it right into Belgrade, Serbia. What comes along with that? I will prayerfully be helping our church staff create a safe community for the youth and people of Belgrade to create relationships amongst each other and with Jesus Christ. I will also be teaching them how to speak english, going into the community to serve the people, and helping the staff as a solid link to our main campus here in Mooresville. Most importantly, through all of this, the love of Jesus Christ will be completely poured into their community; Spreading the gospel of His life and death on the cross.

This page is to seek your support through funds. I know God will provide in all of this and I would like to ask you to be a part of that. There are other ways to show support that include always prayer and encouragement. 

Thank you for everything you choose to do to help me in this journey with Jesus. 



Matthew 5:16

"Let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." 

Justin & Ashley
Sydney Helms
I know you'll do great things and you will be missed!!! I love you girl and my family will keep you in our prayers!
Alissa Hudson
Love hearing a seeing all that God has done for you. Have a wonderful and safe trip!
Jessica Barrett $50.00
Chris & Bethy
Jon & Jessica
Marshall & Kris
Anna cochran
May Jesus shine his light through you ❤️ Praying for your journey!
We are so proud of the lady you have grown up to be! You are an incredible role model for your sister and we pray for safe travels, God's wisdom and strength to spread His love. Love you sweet girl.
Sean vardell
God is good
Lindsay Mitchell
I pray you are able to meet your goal to fulfill your amazing work you are called to do. Prayers for you, Morgan!
Kandi & Tim Barber
We Love you and are very glad we could help you found your trip. We will miss you while you are gone.
Jim & JoAnn
Will & Erin
Justin & Ashely
Michael & Lynette
Nate & Michelle
Psalm 62 <3
Anonymous $345.00
Marianne Dempsey
Best of luck to you Morgan. I hope you have an amazing experience. I know my experiences in Venezuela and Mexico were the most amazing of my life. You won't regret this. Ever!
Caleb Joyce $10.00
Joe & Jo
You will be such a blessing to those kids, and you will be blessed in return.
Justin & Ashley $680.00
Justin & Ashley $50.00
Maria Leston
Happy New Year Morgan, praying for you.
Love you!
The Martins
May God bless your servent heart. Prayers for a safe, Christ centered trip.
Morgan is a. An amazing Steward. b. An awesome #inytegritylacedstoryteller $1,000.00
The Droud's will be praying over you and your group. Go make our Father proud!
GingerPie $280.00
Johnny D $25.00
Michael & Patty $100.00
Vince Vellella $100.00
Abbey $500.00
Eric $7.00
Jeremy & Ashley $95.00
Cindy Jenkins
I love seeing your enthusiasm about this trip and your amazing, unashamed love for Christ! I'm so glad that all of my family has the blessing of knowing you! We love you!
We are so excited for you and know that God will use you!!!
Don and Lynne Duke
God Bless you on your trip
Tim Beal $50.00
Patrick Magee
You've talked about it enough, now it's time to put it to action lol. I know you will enjoy this, and some days will make you question your decisions. I know this will never happen fully, but try to quiet your mind in the tougher times. Think back to this excitement you feel right now, and all the positive things that have brought you to this step. I feel you will do great with all of this. Happin
I love you so much! Go make disciples!
Rita Wilson
You are a blessing to the world! We're so proud to know you!
Nate & Brooklyn
Hooray!! So excited to see this part of your planning and prep started! ;)
Hadden Family
Praying for you!
Scott Donato
I hope this helps a little bit! God Bless!
John $25.00
Charles M.
This sounds incredible!
Rachel Feeley
Have fun girl, and spread your optimism and faith to those lucky kids. Then come back home to me and Urban because we're going to miss you ❤️
Anonymous $10.00
Sami khalil $10.00

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