Summer Fun at Stanford Settlement!

Support the kids in our Summer Day Camp this year! Preview

Next week, we kick off our summer programs for children! Once again, kids will board the bus and head to to the park for Summer Day Camp. Once there, they'll be busy with art, crafts, sports, games, cooking, lanyards, making friends, swimming, and having fun.

We hope you will help us raise funds for program supplies this year. While our staff are experts in making crafts out of recycled water bottles and toilet paper tubes, that only goes so far. Your donation this summer will ensure that we have the basics: markers, paint, glue, along with cool stuff like lanyard lace, glitter, and beads. It will allow us to have enough decks of cards, soccer balls, and jump ropes to keep the kids active and engaged.

One secret to the success of Summer Day Camp is a friendly competition among the groups. Children earn points as a group by keeping their area clean after lunch, using quiet voices on the bus, and staying together as a group. Children individually earn points for their groups by going above and teaching someone how to play a game, by talking out a problem instead of fighting, or by trying something new. Every Friday, the group with the most points wins a party at the could be a cupcake decorating party, or a root beer float party. Your donations will help support these efforts.

Thanks for considering a donation to Summer Day Camp this year. You'll be helping us create a summer of meaningful experiences and happy memories for the kids!

The cost of 4 gkids at Mc Donalds.....this is a better use of 30.00!

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