#HCR23 - Go the Extra Mile!

Raise Funds for HBL’s to make Hawaii’s streets safer for all AND the Maui Strong Fund. Learn More
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Aloha Ohana,
I'm biking 100 miles around the windward side on the 24th. I propose you guys donating to me riding as well.  For every dollar over a $425, I'll match it and send to Hawaii Community Foundation -- Donating To The Maui Strong Fund, up to $75.  Regardless, you're helping Hawaii.  Aloha

Christine Glazer
Obviously, you’re not a golfer. You’ve got this Lott!
Way to go Lott!
Love from SC $50.00
Go Vandals!
Brad Kastelin $70.00
Delco $50.00
Rich Yarnall
on behalf of Big Rich in DE
Bridget Greiner
Cheering for ya!
Gill Lott $25.00

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