Samson Lodge No. 66 Needs Your Help This Thanksgiving...

Give families one less thing to worry about during the Thanksgiving holiday... *Get involved with your local charities* Preview

Every year for Thanksgiving, our Lodge donates frozen turkeys to the local Newark community.  This year the Brothers of Samson Lodge No.66 decided to challenge themselves to do Better and to be Better by inviting the local Senior Center, homeless families at  the local Y.M.C.A. and the members at the local Battered Women's Shelter to a sit down Thanksgiving Dinner.  This event will be held at our Masonic Lodge and the food will be served by our members and their families.  Any donation you make will go a long way to help feed the 250 - 300 people we expect to host that day.  Help us make a difference in their lives if only for a day, help us make this  year's Thanksgiving dinner a success. "CHARITY IS ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFTS YOU CAN GIVE TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING." 

The Brothers of Samson Lodge No.66  

F&A.M. Prince Hall Affiliation of NJ.

188 Irvine Turner Blvd. Newark, NJ.

Just Better! 


W.M. Ron Speaks

J.W.   Bradford J. Hayes Sr., Chairman

Asst. Treasurer Jerry Hill, Co-Chairman

P.M.  Ernesto Morillo

S.W.  Bennie Wadley Jr.

SD.   Oba Tehuti

JD.    Reginald Bradley

Bro.  Sonnie Berrieum Jr.

Bro.  Michael Young

Bro.   Jimil Ibrahim

Bro.  Craig Epps

Bro.  Marion Drayton

Bro.  Herb Allen

Bro.  Hodari Williams

R.W.  William Patterson III  DDGM

M.W. Ramon E. Nelson Grand Treasurer

M.W. Ricardo McNeil Grand Master

La Rhetta Bradley
Wish you all the best with this worthwhile endeavor.
Richard Barbini II $100.00
Bro. Clarke
Good luck with your Thanksgiving charity brothers!!
Peace We support your heartfelt efforts
Tyre Lodge #29 Sons of Haiti Grand Lodge #7
Rojelle Dunston Princess Tyre#52
Thank you for your continuos support. Artie Wassif - AHEPA 517
Mark Wilkins $50.00
Northern State Prison
Samson 66, THANK YOU!!!! . From the brothers and sisters of NSP. Especially Mintz, Foley and Ish.
Obe Tehuti Oba
john d
Good brothers always thinking about othersi really wish i could of stayed in jersey .. blessings
You guys are doing a wonderful thing God Bless you.
Simon Popek
Best wishes for all who are involved in this great cause!!!
david kozak $25.00
David Cicale
God Bless All of You !!!! My Brothers
P.M. Harvey Rison #43
Keep up the good works Samson Strong!!!
Sean R. St.Paul
Sheila Edwards $20 Cory King $5 Sean R. St.Paul $100. Samson 66, Better Than The Average Lodge. Everyone please donate to this event. It is important we give to those that are in need, especially during this holiday season.
James Morgan III
A small token of the love and brotherhood that exists between Corinthian Lodge #18 and Samson Lodge #66
Tiffany Cheeks $50.00
Jacky Scott Gates
May my Brethren enjoy this holiday with your family and friends.
Claude Sivels
God bless u all & keep the good work up.......
Ruth Ann Sivels
Cynthia Hill Franklin
May God continue to Bless you with much success in being a Blessing to others.
Carlton DeVaughn
Henry Hester (66)
This is evidence of communities coming together to help other communities. Brothers, keep up the good work. ...This is what it's all about. This is what we do.
Ahnwar Dixon
Better than the average lodge. For a reason.
Mercado Family
When great people act, great things happen.
Anton Rudolph Sr. $40.00
Bro. Jerry R. Hill Jr.
May God continue to do great things through this great lodge. Samson! 66!
Daughters of Shelton McCall $66.00
I commend your Lodge for undertaking such a worthy cause. May others also be moved to help our brothers and sisters. God be with you.
Richard A. Woods
To the good work...
It is a honor to give to such a great cause. Thanks for all that you have do within the community
Schonette Jones Walker
Continue to do your good work. Thank you! ~Lil Will's Li'l Sis
Frank Tarkin Jones (Tyre 29)
Good work #66! Much love and respect for my Brothers.
Hakim S.
PM W. Cooper
Happy Thanksgiving to all my brothers and their loved ones!!!!!!!!
Anissa GN
For your good works.
Sheri Newton
All the best...Blessings..Love Mom Dukes!
Latifa valentine $25.00
Carmen Perez
Hotep, Brothers keep up the good works.
Rahim R Taylor
Rick Ray
F.O.C.O.L Group enhancing one life/family at a time.
Gregsear $25.00
Bruce Dunkins
Great men doing great work - Happy Thanksgiving!!
Tins $50.00
Rajhan Gordon $59.00
Amber Hall $5.00
Zoe McFadden $75.00
Willie Teacher
The Teacher family encourages you to continue to give to worthy causes.
Jared Adams $50.00
Artis $20.00
Jason W Hills $100.00
Zavian Bryant $40.00
Adrian Acevedo $10.00
Thank you for allowing my family to enjoy the humble gift of giving - Enjoy the Holiday and best of luck in your fundraising.
David Abrams $25.00
R.W. Bryan H. Morris
Keep doing the good deeds that God has blessed you to perform.
Bradford J. Hayes, Sr.
W.M. Ron Speaks
Working Together
eric moore $20.00
Roderick j aird $25.00
Joshin Smith $10.00
tinbox marketing solutions, inc $10.00
2014 / 2015 Senior Warden B.Wadley Jr..
Doing things Just Better !!!! SAMSON Lodge # 66 yeah better than your average lodge !!!!!
John Morton $25.00
Tyrone L Singletay
66 for life
MR.SNOW BOY Residential Snow Removal $20.00
Tom H $25.00
Lisa kearney
In memory of my grandparents, the late Rosevelt Gaines, Sr., a mason who loved this lodge and the late Rose Gaines, an Eastern Star. May God continue to bless Samson 66 for the difference you are making in our community.
Elena Morillo
The Berrieum Family
It's great to see the Men of Samson Lodge continue to do good things in the community.
Morillo family
Great event and great cause! Thank you!
Sanaa B. $1.00

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