Andreea’s Triumph to the Summit 2022

Taking Triumph on the Trails to inspire cancer survivors! Learn More

Hello friends!! This summer I've been partnering with Triumph Cancer Foundation by joining Triumph to Summit - a hiking program created to raise funds that go towards supporting Triumph Fitness and cancer survivors fitness recovery.

We're now getting close to the Summit, with a final training hike this weekend followed by the Summit hike next Saturday, so I can't help but reflect on how fulfilling this experience was, the perspective it brought to my day to day and the joy I felt being closer to nature. But most importantly, I hope my efforts and our group's efforts will impact someone's recovery.

So this is my call for action: if you'd like to join me in supporting this cause, one way to do it is through the donation link below. All donations go towards funding Triumph Fitness so that the cancer survivors can benefit of the program at no cost. The fitness regimen is tailored specifically to each individual survivor's abilities, taking into account issues and challenges. For more details, please visit @triumphfound. I'll likely post more about this in the upcoming days. Thankiessss :) 

Hau & Filbert $100.00
Alyssa Nguyen $50.00
Good luck with your goal and well done on supporting a great cause!
Dave & Nancy
Great job!!
Andreea $50.00

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