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Hi Friends and Family,

It's summer hiking season again and Team Triumph is back on the trails!  I am proud to be the team leader of this amazing team hiking in the mountains - and by the sea!  It is an honor to hike with this group of cancer warriors.  To be amongst such an inspiring group of people each weekend reminds me of all that is good in this world.  

This July I am celebrating 22 years as a cancer survivor.  TWENTY-TWO YEARS!!!!  To mark the occasion, my goal is to raise $1,500 for Triumph Cancer Foundation. Why $1,500? Because this is the amount needed to enroll one more cancer survivor in 12 weeks of Triumph Fitness. This life-changing program is offered at no cost by our Foundation.  Triumph serves as a beacon of hope for survivors completing treatment who need help in regaining their strength and confidence.  This program is transformational.  We give people back their lives, and for some, the opportunity to hike with our team.  Standing atop a mountain peak with a graduate of our program is one of the most incredible feelings, knowing that I have played a small part in helping someone on their cancer journey. By making a donation to Triumph Cancer Foundation, you too, can play a part in someone's recovery!

Thank you for supporting Triumph Cancer Foundation. Together We Triumph!

Happy Birthday, Pam, and thank you for this inspired and supportive action you take in the world!
Steve Bartolucci $200.00
Charlene & Donnie
Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend!
ellen ketterson
Hey Tootie, happy birthday, love, Ellen
Gian Montesini
Congratulations on the wonderful work that you do! Please tell Paul I said hello! :)
Happy Birthday! Instead of a drink tank.

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