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Hi Friends and Family!

I am partnering with Triumph Cancer Foundation and raising money for Triumph to the Summit 2023.

I participated in the Triumph Fitness program last year. Triumph is a strength and fitness program for people who have recently completed cancer treatment. When I joined Triumph last summer, I thought, “I wish I had known about this program when I finished chemo 15 years ago. This is exactly what I was looking for!” While browsing Triumph’s website, I discovered they also had a hiking program called, “Triumph to the Summit.” You know how I feel about hiking. I wanted to participate so badly, but knew there was no way I could on my current treatment.

Fast forward a year later. I was packing for a recent trip to Tahoe when suddenly I had a lightbulb moment…TRIUMPH TO THE SUMMIT! I wondered if I could do it this year given the fact that I had recently reduced my treatment dose and have been feeling so much more energized! I was on a mission. Instead of journaling like I usually do while in Tahoe, I spent the week testing my body on various hikes throughout the mountains and came to the conclusion, “I CAN DO THIS!” I immediately reached out to the Founder of Triumph inquiring about the program and, HERE I AM!

I will be hiking every Saturday from late June to early September in preparation for a Sierra Summit. The timing of the program happens to coincide perfectly with my next scan, which isn't due until early September when the program ends. I feel like the stars have aligned and this is all divinely orchestrated. The hikes range from 3.5 mi to 10 miles. We hike as a team. The goal is to demonstrate to survivors that WE CAN TRIUMPH OVER CANCER and of course raise funds that will allow more cancer survivors to participate in the program! The Team serves as an inspiration to other hikers who meet us on the trails and is a great opportunity to outreach and share with fellow hikers the mission of the Foundation. 

As much as I love hiking and have had some epic hiking adventures, this body is not what it used to be. This will be challenging for sure, but I am 100% committed. We had our first training hike yesterday. It was relatively easy compared to what is to come. Because I'm in active treatment, it's just different. Everything is harder. I'm more tired and fatigued than normal. It takes me longer to recover, but sometimes I just have to remind myself that this is what I doI CLIMB MOUNTAINS.

So, here’s the big ask. I have set my fundraising goal pretty high, but I feel like I know my village. It spans far and wide and I think WE CAN DO THIS! Toward the end of the season, we will be carrying ribbons on our backpacks in honor, celebration and/or memory of loved ones that have been touched by cancer. I have seen pictures of it and it’s quite moving. I will message about this later when I have more information. 

I look forward to sharing with you as this journey continues to progress and unfold. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate your love and support of this fundraiser that means so much to me.



PS - I’m pretty sure this was supposed to be just a paragraph or so, but you know me; I am a detail oriented person and don’t exactly know how to make a long story short. Ha!

Leslie & Charly
Jill you truly are an inspiration ♥️♥️♥️ Nature is healing :)
Kelly Jones
Go, Jill!
Emily Kay Honaker $50.00
Nadeen Flynn
Go, Jill! You are such an inspiration to others. Wishing you great health!
So proud of all you do my friend. Praying for you and all those affected by this awful disease. Love you
Just so very professional you and your contributions! I love you Jill
Anna Watsey
Love you. I’m giving 60 for the amount of years my mom was on the earth.
Kristi Manion Anderson
You are amazing ❤️
Suzanna Stephens
You are so very loved...near and far. ❤️
Stephanie Parsons $50.00
Sarah Kirby-Gonzalez
Gerry Bryant
A little something to help you on your way! Love you! ❤️
Erin Takehara
You're a badass! Always cheering you on. Love you my friend!
Have fun hiking!
Eileen Grady
Happy hiking, Jill! I'm so glad you found Triumph and have challenged yourself to climb a mountain. Grit like that will defeat cancer any day. I hiked in 2019 and love to support Triumph hikers every year. Blessings for your upcoming hikes and your September scan.
Go Jill!❤️
Andrea Bayliss $20.00
Stacy Delaney
Keep climbing!
Cindee Maduri $100.00
I hate cancer but love that it brought us together. Climb on girl. Love you much friend!!
Gina & Joel Trzaska $50.00
Great job!!!
Norma Fontana $40.00
Ted and Sandy
We love you!
Jana Houck $100.00
Brenda & Stu Young
We are honored to be able to participate in your challenge. Keep hiking girlfriend. Big love to you and the family.
You are so loved! ❤️
Carrie $50.00
Stephanie Linn $20.00
Lynn Garverick
You're an inspiration, Jill. ❤️
Lee Anne Houck Miller
I love and will always support you as best I can. You are an amazing young woman whom I am privileged to know. Lee Anne
Jack Ringer
These boots are made for hiking! Nothing is going to stop you from doing something you love.
Bill & Shannon Buck
Love, The Buck’s
Love you Jill
Bob&Marcia Houck $300.00
K & S
This is awesome, Jill! I’m so so glad that you’re feeling strong and able to do this, and sharing your joy with those that follow…you are a gem!
You go, girl! Love watching you live your life!
Nancy Yamabe $50.00
Gary & Linda Houck $100.00
Andy and Sonya Lee $100.00
Jenny Wirtz
Love your strength and love for life! ♥️
Jenn and Bob Litt
Love you Jillerbean!!
Dave and Jane Wesley
Jill, you Triumph daily! So glad you get to do this challenge!
Jean Parsons Parsons
Dear Jill, I hope everyone can see it in their hearts to give to this foundation. This disease could hit their homes, and would want the same too. I am so happy you have fought the hard fight, and hope you never stop. The hiking, the hearts, it is all you...a beautiful lady! I only want the very best for you! Hugs, Jeani
Richard And Judith Houck $60.00
Marilyn Bradford
You Go Girl!!! Yay
Josh and Diana
I have NO doubt you'll kick ass on this adventure!! Love you Sis!!
Marlene Rios
You have my full support, Jill! I’ll be hiking with you in spirit!
Keri Robinson
Go get ‘em!!!
I believe in you, Jill. Yes You Can!! = )
Bob Bennett
So proud of you & we are right with you on the journey. Love, Bob & Holly
Bill & Jean
So proud of you Jill. You are such an inspiration and encouragement to others. Love and hugs.
Adrienne Ayers Aldridge
You got this Jill
Kelli Silva
So happy you are hiking!
Bridgett Locken
I LOVE this! You are amazing and you can do this! Thank you for being an inspiration to all!
Valerie Mcknight
Love you

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