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Hi Friends and Family, I am partnering with Triumph Cancer Foundation and raising money for Triumph to the Summit 2023. This is my seventh year on the trails with Triumph, and my goal is to pay it forward to fund another cancer survivor through the Triumph Fitness program.

The cost of cancer treatment can be astronomical. With Triumph, the cost is not a barrier to participation. Triumph Fitness is offered at no cost to participants thanks to the generosity of donors, which is the reason I was able to participate in the program which provided me so much support, recovery, and training following my treatment.

Together, we can make a difference in someone's life. So grateful for your support for this fundraiser and my goal. You can donate now and by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right.

Thank you for joining me in bringing love & light to the world!

Anonymous $200.00
I am proud of you Kelley! I will be cheering you on!
Lisa & John $20.00
Dia Utterback
You go Girl!
You remain an inspiration year after year. A beautiful example of how to fight the good fight. Luv U Kelley!
Sharon Matranga
You are such an inspiration Kelley. Keep on trekking and hearting ❤️
In memory of my mother

We'll always support you every step of the way! We love you Kelley!
Don't stop you now! Cause you're havin' a good time havin' a good time!!
Andrea Jaggers
Always believing in YOU and the support you are giving for cancer survivors. ❤️
Eileen Grady
Happy hiking, Kelley! Thanks for all your lovely posts throughout the hiking season.
Dave & Nancy Dressler
You’re amazing!
Judy Borden $50.00
Deborah McGrath
Lynette Zezoff
You are an inspiration to all Kelley!!!
Cheers to 9 years!...One foot in front of the others! Keep on keeping ON! xo
Thank you Kelley! You make the world a better place. : )
Keep on keepin’ on with your great work!
One foot in front of the other my friend, and keep moving forward.
Mary Hamilton
Hi K. I am Jill Houcks aunt. She has reached her goal. Thought I could help you for this great cause.
I love all you do and all you are ❤️

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