Uganda September 2017

My team is traveling to Uganda, Africa in September of 2017 to provide free medical care for hundreds of Ugandans, some who have never seen a doctor before! Learn More
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Uganda is a place full of beautiful countryside and even more beautiful people. After the British occupation ended Uganda was filled with violence and infighting by those wishing to control the country. Today Uganda has become a stable but very poverty stricken country. My first trip (of many) to Uganda years ago stirred a fire in my heart for the people there that is still a raging bonfire today.

This year I am honored to again join a medical team to improve the lives of Ugandans and I am asking you tojoin me in this cause by supporting the trip financially. I need to raise $3,100 and every bit you contribute helps! This money not only goes towards travel costs it also covers the cost of medications that we provide freely after an (also free) doctor visit. The team would like to do something extra special on this trip and I have set my fundraiser page to $4000 as a stretch goal.

In previous years we have had over a thousand people come through the doors to the medical clinic in just a few days. That is a lot of lives changed! Each and every person is sent home with basic medicines along with help for whatever ails them.

Seeing lives forever changed is simply astounding. On a prior visit one kid was having issues with his vision. After trying on several $2 reading glasses you can get from any store in the U.S. his eyes got wide and his smile huge. He jumped up and down in excitement yelling, “I can see! I can see!”, and then he turned to his mother and asked if he would be able to go to school now that he could see to read. The stories of changed lives are numerous and I want you to join along with me as I post here daily (as internet access allows) updates while I am there.

Have fun, change lives.
Alix Lobaugh
Love you hubs! Thanks for all the wonderful things you do. Hug some of those babies for me!
Anonymous $850.00
Alex & AnaLisa
Hi Ben, my husband Alex is traveling with you on this team. Have a great time! Bless you! xx AnaLisa
Gentlemen Investors
Thank you for loving people and changing the world through your compassion and kindness.
Ben Lobaugh
Ready to pour my heart and soul into the beautiful people of Uganda again!

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