Uganda October 2019

The team will be ministering for about 2 weeks in Uganda, Africa. The team will be putting on a medical clinic as well as other outreach projects. Past Groups have conducted women’s, men’s and marriage conferences, youth meetings, prison ministry, as well Learn More
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My people, it’s official! 

I will be traveling back to Uganda this fall with a medical team from Churchome! I couldn’t be more thrilled to return to the place that has continued to change me over the last two years.

Churchome missions teams have been serving in Katwe for almost 20 years. In the time spent there, teams minister in several different capacities: partnering with an orphanage/boarding school, a children’s prison, and a group of about 30-40 young adults who now attend university—a group consisting of many incredible young doctors, nurses, lawyers, businessmen/women, passionately pursuing their calling to bring positive change to Uganda and the world. We’ve also recently added a ministry and medical outreach to a very remote village area of Uganda.

This fall team, specifically, brings several medical professionals to conduct a three day medical clinic in Katwe, partnering with a local church and several Ugandan doctors and nurses to provide medical care to those living in the surrounding slum area. Everyone is invited to come—they all hear the Gospel, receive personal prayer and see a medical professional. We do basic health and hygiene education and address many different medical issues. We typically see 1500-2000 people during the clinic!

These trips to Uganda with Churchome are incredible and have changed my heart entirely. But we couldn’t go without people like you sending us. Thank you for your willingness to partner with me and our team for the people of Uganda.

Donations can be made by hitting “Give Now” on the upper right. Appreciate you so very much!


Carla Schultz-Parks
We hope you have a meaningful time on your trip. Blessings to you! Carla & David
Anonymous $500.00
Helen and Jerry Hussey
I’m excited for you Alli girl! And I’m glad I can help support you in it in a small way:)
Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Joe
May God bless all you come in contact with in your travels! We love you and are so happy to see how God is using you.
Jeff Hussey
Timothy Hussey $100.00
Christi and Joel Hussey $1,000.00
Julia Kennedy
so excited for your trip! can't wait to hear about the kids and people you meet and help while down there. :)

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