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Rape. It's a terrible thing to imagine, but it's real. So now imagine being raped night, after night, after night with no hope of ever being rescued out of that situation.This is taking place all over the world and possibly in your own neighborhood. Now Imagine all of the sudden someone comes to your rescue and takes you away from the people who held you captive. This person offers you something you thought was unlikely or even impossible... safety, shelter, medical attention, counseling, and HOPE. They would be your hero! Today YOU can be that Unlikely Hero for someone else. 

This year I'm celebrating my birthday by giving back. I want to rescue a child from sex slavery by raising $5,000!

Unlikely Heroes is a nonprofit organization that provides rescue and restoration to child victims of sex slavery worldwide! Every child receives trauma therapy, safety, education, job training, medical care, and meals at each Unlikely Heroes restoration home. They currently have homes in the Philippines, Thailand, and Mexico!

This is an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. I fully believe in the work that they are doing and I'm honored to partner with them in any way that I can to help fight slavery! Last year, I was able to rescue one girl from sex slavery and this year I want to do the same! Help me raise $5,000 to fight human trafficking.

I'm asking you for a donation - and every penny of the money raised will go to directly to help rescue and restore child victims of sex slavery. Unlikely Heroes has homes in the Philippines, Thailand, and Mexico - with over 60 children currently receiving care!

Every little bit counts, give up your $5 latte and give the gift of FREEDOM today!

I'm so grateful for my fans, friends, and family that have supported me throughout the years in my career and the causes that I love! Thank you all!

-Anjelah Johnson-Reyes

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Asie $10.00
Michael L. Graves
I have 2 daughters & a beautiful granddaughter, and I feel it is my fatherly duty to contribute to your cause. Bless you...
Love that you are able to spread awareness to this and help the cause. I can't imagine what these people go through.. Please come to Fort Wayne, IN! If you do, my Chick-fil-A (Glenbrook Square) would love to feed you and your crew!!!
Natalie Guzman
Love you much Anjelah
Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight and help bring awareness and action
matthew strickland
Thank you for all that you do. God bless you and all those who suffer.
Anonymous $100.00
Thanks for bringing this to all our attention. Glad to help. God bless you and the girls you wish to protect.
Thank you for taking a stand.
Leon Family
Happy bday
Daniel Espinoza
Anjelah, God bless you for supporting such a great cause. I too am a big advocate in fighting for freedom. Philippians 4:13 With much love, Daniel
Samuel Turnbull
Hi, I'm 10 years old and really appreciate you doing this for the children. I can't imagine all the horrible things they are going through. I'm praying that this money will help a kid get a wonderful and happy and fun life.
Derek Willhite
Happy Birthday Anjelah!
Kat Lopez
You are awesome!!!! Happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday! This is an awesome idea:-):-)
Angela Burke $100.00
What the enemy uses for evil God will use for good!
Anjelah, you are amazing! Keep doing what you're doing! Good luck!
Very cool! Thanks for being awesome!
Donna Linton $20.00
Anonymous $20.00
Dominika Lozowska $200.00
crystalr0220 $5.00
It is inspiring to see God work through.
alexandrea posada $1.00
Anonymous $30.00
What youre doing is amazing, having kids of my own it kills me to know that there are monsters out there that take advantage of these poor defenseless kids, i dont have much to offer i hope my small donation helps though. God bless you.
Thanks for everything you do. From making us smile to bringing awareness of what's really going on in the world and letting me be apart of this goal.
Lydia Palma
Thank you for reaching out to the public and asking for support on such an important issue! You Rock! A great role model for young girls and women!
Moses & Geo a.k.a MoJo
hey AJ I commend your efforts in stoping sex trafficking. Me being sexually abuse as a kid can only imagine their life's hardships and so, I will forget my $5 Starbucks and help your cause. Thanks for your sense of humor and see you in Sacramento Crest #VIP
Natalie Guzman
This is an issue very near and dear to my heart and I would like to remain a part of this organization. What makes this even better is when I saw my fave female comedian on board. You're the best Anjelah and a true inspiration.
Allison Daugherty
Thank you for being passionate about the elimination of human trafficking! It makes me an even bigger fan. :-)
Kate Overton $5.00
Marty,Lisa, Geneva & Arithena
Happiest Birthday wishes to Anjelah!!! What an awesome birthday gift!!! May our Lord Jesus continue to bless you and your family!!!
Happy Birthday! Thank you for helping to fight this fight!
Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for bringing laughter to me. And thank you for bringing a small way to help the precious lives to my attention...God bless you...
Kathy Quen
You're raising money for an excellent cause. I'm out of work right now, but I wanted to at least donate $1.00.
Maya McCrum $3.00
Jerrian from Marina California
Happy Birthday and thank you.
dulce C garcia
happy birthday to my friend crush! may this be your best year YET, knowing the best is still yet to come.
Amber Cerda
in honor of the day you came to be!
issy $10.00
Nina Quintana
Love the cause!!! Team Angelah, Team God, Team give back!!
Anjelah, you are a wonderful soul to give back to those who have so little. Thank you for sharing a piece of that soul with us all. Wishing you many more blessings on this birthday year.
Yvette Alaniz
Thank you for being a voice for those who are rarely heard...
Jennifer Couvion
Love your stand up. It's nice to see a comedian who actually wants to make a difference. If anyone deserves success, it's you. God bless.
Angela, What a wonderful thing you are doing for your birthday! God will surely be smiling today as you are thinking of the needs of others on your special day. Keep making people laugh but most importantly, continue giving God the praise and the Glory for the gift of making people laugh. Happy Birthday!!
God bless you Angela. May the God of heaven rescue all the children in Jesus name. Thank you for allowing me to join the cause.
Happy birthday. Thank you for your inspiration to give.
It's such a great thing you're doing! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best.
Jasmina Escobar
Great idea, love that you have a wonderful heart! Love you!
Kristin Traeger
A great way to celebrate your life is by helping improve the lives of others! Happy Birthday!
Bekah Casarez
it's my birthday this month too! Happy Birthday to you and thank you for being an example to think beyond our own tiny little world.
Thanks for giving back and sharing this with us as well!
Violetsareblue $5.00
maria garcia
Love that you use your sphere of influence to bring light to such an alarming problem our world faces and that you are "showing" people Jesus!!! Happy birthday Anjelah!
Mayra Ayala
Thank you for doing this!
Happy birthday!! This is an amazing thing you are doing and I am honored to be part of it! I pray God take this little contribution and multiply it for his glory and to help stop human trafficking! Praise the Lord!
Louie Velazquez
Maryann Witte
You're a good Christian.
Anonymous $10.00
Happy Birthday! Way to use your voice for good.
Yvette, Bob and Robert Vinicio Clark LOVE you gurrrrrrl! Please get on the Oddball tour or just come to Napa. You can stay in our guest house. ;)
Not much but I hope it helps, God Bless you and yours, and may you have a wonderful birthday :)
Stacie Bustamante
Gayle F.
Happy Birthday Anjelah! May is my birthday month also =) Loved what you wrote on Instagram today! I hope that you are blessed beyond measure for all that you do for the Lord.
Happy Birthday Anjelah! You are truly an inspiration for doing this on your special day. God bless you and thanks for all the laughs.
Amber Rome, Baton Rouge, LA $100.00
Lydia Esparza
Thanks for having the heart to help people! I'm a big fan of yours. :)
Grant Rdz A
You are an amazing and inspirational individual! Also Your performance in Dallas will be my first concert
Anahi $10.00
John Somerland
I'm really glad you are helping these kids. I will support this cause! Happy Birthday Anjelah!
Anonymous $10.00
Don Piega
Happy Birthday Anjelah! GOD BLESS YOU.
Ronald Inperial
Happy Birthday Anjelah. Please keep us informed on all your charitable work so that we can help support your cause.
Tiare King $5.00
Anonymous $10.00
lovelybbn423 $5.00
Anjelah, I so enjoy your comedy, and I absolutely love your heart & witness for the Lord. I also love that you support this organization, as this issue needs awareness & is one of two that make me feel moved to action, but I haven't really known how to help. Thank you for doing this! And Happy Birthday!!! This is also my Jesus Year, and I'm believing to see my calling unfold this year. Praying t
Mariya Ulloa
I absolutely love you! Thank you for making us all putting a smile on our faces & making us all laugh. Dios los bendiga!
Happy birthday
Happy Jesus year!
Happy Birthday to my FAVORITE comedienne on the planet!!! This is for these children who are trapped in such a horrific prison of sex slavery and for you and heart for Jesus and his heart for these kids! You're the greatest and I hope your day is VERY special!!!
Anonymous $10.00
Cassandra $5.00
Anonymous $1.00
Happy birthday! May you be blessed with many more. You have a beautiful soul, with such a giving heart. It's nice and comforting to know that there are caring ppl still left in this world.
Marisela Alvaro
Not only are you one of my favorite comedians, but you are also an amazing person for making a difference in the world. Thank you for being a positive female role model.
God bless you!
Sandra McCoy
Elizabeth Gaa $25.00
Aimee & Dominic Martinelli $100.00
Danny B
Hey, I only recently discovered your act and it's freaking awesome! And the fact that your reaching out to your community for this is even better. Happy Birthday, keep doing what your doing.
Happy Birthday Anjelah!

May 30, 2015 11:11 AM

I will match every donation my fans make! :) Let's do this! Only 2 more days!


May 15, 2015 5:22 PM

Help me rescue a child by the end of May! :) I know my fans, friends, and family are the most generous people in the world! - Anjelah

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