Kilimanjaro: The climb of my life, supporting impoverished sea-dwelling children!

Raising $19,341 for the 19,341 foot mountain!

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Dear Friend,

On July 19, our mighty team of four will attempt a 7-day climb to the top the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro! We'll do this in support of Badjao Bridge, an  organization we founded to help impoverished sea-dwelling children out of dire poverty. 

Our team has set an ambitious goal of raising $19,341 (the elevation of Kilimanjaro!) which will enable Badjao Bridge to help more children attend elementary and high school. It will also benefit a future learning center, complete with a preschool, and computer tablet library--hundreds of books will be available to kids!

Your pledge, big or small, will make an incredible impact. Last year 98.6% of our budget went directly toward programs, with just 1.4% overhead in the U.S.! Check out our website and Annual Report to see all the things we do with our resources.

By the way, team members on this trek will cover all their expenses, allowing your donation to go entirely towards a great cause!

Badjao Bridge is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations are 100% tax deductible.

LSmith $200.00
Melissa Lombardo
Best of luck in your climb, Dan!! You guys are amazing!
Goebel Family
Way to go!
Way to go Dan, Kat and team! I look forward to seeing more pictures and hearing all about your adventures❣☮
Beverly Dahlstedt
Hooray for your team! Wish I could have gone with you - and made it!
Faith Nacarato $100.00
John & Nancy
Great news that all made the summit!
Jerry White
Dan, Kat, and everyone - congrats on your summit!! Very inspiring. The least I can do is donate to the Badjao. You have done so much more.
Dean Hall
Congratulations to all of you!!!
Clare Ensenat $50.00
Coleen Dalton $47.62
Good Luck, Dan! May God be with you all!
Alex Win
Good luck Dan!
Lorie Hickerson $100.00
Dixie Hall $50.00
Great cause! Happy to help!
Anonymous $20.00
Team Kilimanjaro! $5,088.03
Dan Johanson $2,531.03
Matt Johanson $2,557.00

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