Bishop Ryan's TOP: 100 Holes of Golf

Join Bishop Ryan in his mission to provide need-based tuition assistance to families desiring a Catholic education for their children in the Diocese of Monterey. Learn More
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Dear Friends and Family, on behalf of the students of the present and the future in our eighteen Catholic schools, pre-school to high school, in the four counties of the Diocese of Monterey, I invite you to join me in raising needed tuition assistance funds under the auspices of the Bishop Sylvester Ryan Tuition Opportunity Program. I will be playing 100 holes of golf at the Monterey Pines Golf Course on April 24th along with thirty-five other sponsored golfers. I hope you will sponsor me that day for $1, $2, 5$ or any amount you select per hole.

I have checked with my doctor and he assured me that since we have the entire day to finish the course in fine fashion I am fully able to do my part. I am also encouraged since several of my partner golfers that day approach my level of mature age!

You can donate now by hitting the “Give Now” button on the upper right. You can give with any major credit card and it takes only 30 seconds. I can, if preferred, send you a pledge card. You can contact me by email: I am deeply grateful to you for any contribution you make to our schools and you definitely will be remembered in my prayers.

Anonymous $150.00
Anonymous $200.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $5,000.00
Unknown $150.00
Craig, Patty, Pat, Phil, Ken Johnston
We love you Bishop!!
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $500.00
Tom Riordan
Anonymous $200.00
J Neary
Community Foundation Santa Cruz County
Miles & Rosanne
Andy Bedell
Best of luck today. You are a courageous man. May God bless you and keep your drives, chips, and putts on line!
Gary Kress $100.00
Deluxe Foods of Aptos, Inc. $3,000.00
With much love from all of us! Chris, Ginny, Mike, Lexi, Haley, and Colin
Matt & Mary Ann Monica $100.00
Guillermo Rey
Good luck on your fundraiser to help provide Catholic education to our youth. Hope to see you soon and play cards!
Ron & Mary Gowey $500.00
Matt & Mary Ann $100.00
Harry & Susie MacGregor $75.00
Catholic Daughters of Americas $100.00
Miles & Rosanne Reiter $2,500.00
Robin Albright DDS $250.00
James & Mary Ann Nese $100.00
M&M Lady
mary ciernia
Hi Bishop, Good Luck with your tournament. I'm going to Scott and Lauralee's next week to see the girls dance. Hope to see again soon. Love and Blessings, Mary
So happy to be able to contribute to a cause that means so much to you. We will be rooting for you that day and as always, keeping you in our prayers. Go Team Father Ryan! We love you! Kevin & Rosie
Tony Madden
All the Best and Thank you for all you do
Constance Tobin
Hi Bishop Syl, How are you? Looking great !!! Saw the Ryan list and so impressed raising money for a great cause . Hope you reach the goal and Best of luck to you.
Anonymous $25.00
In memoriam for Chris Hitchcock
Jim & Barbara Smith
Get Luck with the tournament!
Monica L Esposito, Ed.D.
Dear Bishop Ryan, I am so, so happy to be able to support you and Catholic Education! You are the best. God Bless You. Love and Hugs, Monica
John Haupt
Look forward to the event
Blach Construction
Look forward to the event
Larry and Beth Watkins
Wish we could play with you! :) Love, Larry and Beth
Steve Samson
Good Luck and Enjoy the day! God Bless Steve & Gia
Sam and Shirley Lavorato
What a lovely, novel idea! Great cause. Easter blessings!
J Wright
R Clark
Anonymous $10,000.00
David & Sue Watkins $100.00
God bless your mission.
Sara and Scott MacGregor
Anna McDonald
Harry & Susie MacGregor
Anonymous $200.00
Anonymous $200.00
Jean & Bruce Dun
Scurich Insurance
Andrew DeVogelaere $100.00
Vicki Malone
Our sincere wishes that the goal is met for these very deserving children
Michael & Kathy Smith
Good luck Bishop Ryan!
Elissa and John DiCarlo $500.00
James & Carol Harrison
Anonymous $500.00
Robert & Marcia Phelps
Anonymous $1,100.00
Catholic Mututal Relief Society of America
Fred & Peggy Ulrich
Good Luck!!!
John & Tracy Ronca
I only wish i had your golfing ability and stamina to play 100 holes. Good luck Bishop!!
Tom & Mary Lewis $200.00
Anonymous $5,000.00
Anonymous $3,000.00
Anonymous $200.00
Maggie (Melnson) Molinare
Dear Bishop Ryan, We love you and think you are awesome for all the good you do. Love, Maggie, Richard and Ryan
Tod and Jean Sanchez $100.00
Thank you for helping to raise funds for our schools and local Catholic school children and their families.
Neal and Kam Stehly
Have fun on the course!
Richard and Mary Gallivan
Wishing you a successful outing Bishop Ryan. I'm sure my dad (Roger Sullivan) is smiling down on you (and critiquing your swing!)
Marie Puccinelli
Barry & Joni Epperson
Bill Cox
Bishop Ryan -- Thanks for giving me the opportunity to contribute to the furtherance of Catholic education. Bill Cox
Caroline and Eric Rumptz
You should earn the Green Jacket after this one, Syl! Thank you for always being there when it counts! Love ya!
Greg Beardsley
Clancy D'Angelo
Can't play this year, but always want to help Catholic education. God Blessed me with you in my life Bishop Ryan!
Neal and Joanne
Syl: Ooops! I didn't realize I needed to enter the total. I thought the program did that automatically. Thanks for catching that. Love, Neal & Joanne.
Neal Blaney
Sylvester! Suggestion: You play all the 3-par holes, and let your avatar(s) do the rest. Love you. Neal and Joanne.
The Walter Rasic Family
May the ball rest in green pastures and not still waters.
Keegan, Susanne, Sloane, and Kellen Riley
Hit 'em long and straight Bishop Syl!
Kirk Family
White Family
Kozlowski Family
Sam Rikalo
Michael and Pamela Flynn
If there is on thing Mike and I do not regret it is our personal investment in Catholic education. For all six and now grand children we continue to believe in the mission of a great Catholic education.
Tom & Karen Smith
Bishop Ryan, Good luck with the golf and your fundraiser. Tom & Karen
Lisa Lungren and Davide Sonzogni
Dear Bishop Ryan, My Aunt Lizzy sent notice of this excellent fundraiser to raise funds for need-based tuition assistance. I am proud of you for leveraging your love of golf to help children from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds access a Catholic education. Go Bishop Ryan! Good luck....
William Ryder
We'll be curious what your total score is at the end of the day. In any event, best of luck & God bless you (as I am sure he always does). Love, Bill & Peggy Ryder
Dan Conway
Bishop, Thank you for the opportunity to join you in this very worthwhile cause!
Richard & Adrienne Noone $100.00
Greg & Mary Crandall
So this is what Retired Bishops get to do. Let's pray for a miracle that you will birdie every hole. ;-). Mary was so happy to see you the other day. I am sure she gave you the update on all our kids. We hope to see you soon.
Dan and Bobbi Lungren
Enjoy your golf game! We are praying for you and your success!
Mary Pat Reilly and Gary A. Garza
Bishop, Please be careful playing 100 holes! Hope you have at least one hole in one! Much love, Mary Pat
Lizzy Lungren
Let's get a hole in one, Bishop Ryan! Love, Lizzy and John-Robert
Joe, Jenner, Ryan and Ben
Thanks for being such a special part of our family!
Matt and Joy Rasic
Love the cause. Hope you are well
Bill Deasy
WOW! You look so young in your picture! Best to you in your tournament! Bill Deasy
Doug and Robyn Browning
Bishop Syl, Enjoy all 100 holes. Will be with you in spirit.
Robert and Stephanie Doud
Bishop Ryan, thank you for everything you have done for our family. We love you and love the cause.
Eric Gardiner
Good luck on the links! Great cause!
Mike and Rose Gonzalez
Thank you for your devotion to the children Bishop Ryan.
Joseph Palacios
Very happy to help the educational objectives of the Monterey Diocese.
Bishop Ryan, Swing away! Love the Douds
Christine Ford
Bishop- you are so adventurous! Be careful of those knees. Will pray for a lovely, clear day for you. Chris
Michele and Kevin Bowling
Thank you for your devotion to Catholic education, the children of the Monterey Diocese, and especially for the dream of St. Francis High School.
Peggy & Chris Perri
Thank you for all you do!!! Peggy & Chris Perri
John and Megan Martinelli $250.00
Rosemary Anderson
My dear friend - I wish it could be more - your gifts to Catholic education everywhere you have served, your faithful support of the St. Francis HS dream and your invaluable friendship are ever enduring and priceless - with love and gratitude for YOU! Thank you for doing this! Fore! Rosemary
Good luck Fr justin Bianchi
Crockett Gilligan Hinga
Dearest Friend, Thanks for all you do for us and so many...not the least of which is this venture! Love and prayers always xoxo

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