Bishop Ryan's TOP: 100 Holes of Golf

Join Bishop Ryan in his mission to provide need-based tuition assistance to families desiring a Catholic education for their children in the Diocese of Monterey. Learn More
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Dear Friends and Family, on behalf of the students of the present and the future in our eighteen Catholic schools, pre-school to high school, in the four counties of the Diocese of Monterey, I invite you to join me in raising needed tuition assistance funds under the auspices of the Bishop Sylvester Ryan Tuition Opportunity Program. I will be playing 100 holes of golf at the Monterey Pines Golf Course on April 24th along with thirty-five other sponsored golfers. I hope you will sponsor me that day for $1, $2, 5$ or any amount you select per hole.

I have checked with my doctor and he assured me that since we have the entire day to finish the course in fine fashion I am fully able to do my part. I am also encouraged since several of my partner golfers that day approach my level of mature age!

You can donate now by hitting the “Give Now” button on the upper right. You can give with any major credit card and it takes only 30 seconds. I can, if preferred, send you a pledge card. You can contact me by email: I am deeply grateful to you for any contribution you make to our schools and you definitely will be remembered in my prayers.

Michele and Kevin Bowling
Thank you for your devotion to Catholic education, the children of the Monterey Diocese, and especially for the dream of St. Francis High School.
Peggy & Chris Perri
Thank you for all you do!!! Peggy & Chris Perri
John and Megan Martinelli $250.00
Rosemary Anderson
My dear friend - I wish it could be more - your gifts to Catholic education everywhere you have served, your faithful support of the St. Francis HS dream and your invaluable friendship are ever enduring and priceless - with love and gratitude for YOU! Thank you for doing this! Fore! Rosemary
Good luck Fr justin Bianchi
Crockett Gilligan Hinga
Dearest Friend, Thanks for all you do for us and so many...not the least of which is this venture! Love and prayers always xoxo

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