Help Buzz Oates Sponsor a Room at Saint John's Program for Real Change!

Join Buzz Oates in providing a warm, welcoming, and safe home for a formerly homeless woman and her children! Preview

Buzz Oates is partnering with Saint John's Program for Real Change to sponsor a room for a formerly homeless woman and her children!

Saint John’s Program for Real Change operates the largest residential program for formerly homeless women and children in Sacramento County, with a total daily capacity of 270, and an annual capacity of 700. Saint John’s works with its clients to address the root causes of homelessness as a symptom of a variety of deep issues, in many cases co-occurring, such as substance abuse, domestic violence, emotional and mental health challenges and multi-generational poverty.

Built to unleash the human potential of each person it serves, Saint John’s plays a large and unique role in the homeless continuum, with laser-focus on what is the best environment and model for the children and the mothers it serves.

The women at Saint John’s spend 12 to 18 months on this journey of transformation, a journey filled with many stories of success. Through its highly structured and education-rich residential program, Saint John’s provides women and children with a doorway to permanently exit the generational cycle of poverty, addiction and abuse. The program includes mental health therapy, substance abuse counseling, parental and healthy relationships education, a high school diploma attainment program, budgeting, hands-on employment training, childcare and transportation.

As a former client said, “It never even occurred to me that I could be on my own. Saint John’s taught me I’m worth so much more…that my happiness and my well-being are important. They were my true family.”

Saint John’s cost to move one person from homelessness to family sustainability is $16,300. That is $33,700 less than Sacramento County pays to carry a homeless individual in its system for one year. The long-term, generational and financial impact of Saint John’s “teaching them to fish” approach is immeasurable. The depth of programs and services Saint John’s provides would not be possible without the generous support of the community and their commitment to helping homeless women.

All proceeds will go to Saint John's Program for Real Change.

Buzz Oates Group $5,000.00
Teichert Construction
We are glad to contribute with Buzz Oates to a fantastic center, and a worthy community program!
Able Building Maintenance $500.00
Jerry Fields
We're happy to help!
Y Communications, Inc.
Great Program!
Bosley Electric Company
American River Caulking, Inc. is proud to be a part of this wonderful program!!
Cook Engineering, Inc. $5,000.00
Abbey Flooring Elk Grove $1,000.00
Whiting Construction, Inc.
George Goddard-Span Construction $2,250.00
Great cause Sean. Thanks for the support!
Perfection Electric Co,Inc
Anonymous $500.00

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