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Hi, there! Thank you so much for your interest in sending kids to camp! We're so thankful for your support of our students through this ministry. We've seen God use amazing camp experiences to draw students to Him in a clear, deeper way; and we're excited once again to be a part of making that opportunity possible.

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Thank you again!

Anthony and Jamie

James Hegwood $300.00
David Chatwell
Mo money, mo problemz
Shanna Wolff $50.00
Anonymous $450.00
Jim Bovee
Donation is for camp scholarship. Blessings to all!
Cristin Rhoades $100.00
Send prayer requests!
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $40.00
Jake M. $50.00
DP $450.00
The Boesiger's
Thanks for all you do for kids!
Anonymous $100.00
doris russell
Bryan Martin
Some puns for everyone; Let's keep the funds rolling. Don't be a turkey, spare some cash. It's OK to split with some of your money.
Campus Life Middle School $3,997.64
Anthony & Jamie Godtel $2,813.81
Alexis Tex-Willis $60.00
Kaleb Andersen $70.00
Adam Forrester $498.83
Jarvis Green $265.00
Emily Creps $100.00
Evan Lindblad $190.00

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