Bailey’s Campus Life Bowlathon

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Hi Friends and Family, I am raising money to help send kids to Summer Camp through the Campus Life Bowlathon. I was fortunate enough to receive scholarships to help me pay for camp. Now it's my turn to give back and help another student get that same opportunity to go to YFCamp! Please help me with my bowl-a-thon fundraiser, you can help with a flat donation, or pledge a per-pin donation. 

(ex- you pledge $0.10 per pin. I play 2 games and score 52 and 68. I add those up to 120 and you pay $1.20 )  

*I am not the best bowler and average 50-80 pts in a single game. 

**Flat donations for me would help more! 

Rod Wagner $50.00
Jim Wagner & Emily Grieshaber
Good luck Bailey!
Kyle Fischer
Happy to help you Bailey!
Rachel $25.00
Ron Osborne
I hope this helps Bailey!
Andy $50.00
Campus Life High School $1,950.00
Beth TeKolste $1,260.00
Bailey Jex $350.00
Andrew Owens $0.00
Coletin Fox - Billings $40.00
Hayden Colin $50.00
Cameron Karins $0.00
Dallis Merrill $75.00
Dylan Hartshorn $0.00
Melanie Hornby $0.00
Alex Heetderks $125.00
Anthony Wolff $50.00

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