Help us raise money for clean water. 

June 22nd at South Kitsap High School Track AND Hilltop Heritage Middle School Track 

Walk In The Light International is the non-profit that Candi is working for and each year they do hold a fundraiser called Walk 4 Water to raise money for wells in Burkina.

This year we want to build a well for Living Word Church and Community and in National Director Adama Ouedraogo's Village. Additional money raised will go towards the list of wells needing to be drilled around Burkina Faso.

When you fundraise for clean water, every single dollar makes a difference. Whether you raise $30 or $3,000, you're changing the lives of people in need.

Want to join this years walk for water? Sign up here:

Want to give to help team reach their goals? Donate today! Every dollar helps bring clean water to Burkina.

Laila $21.00
Shelly $35.00
Shannon Moore $50.00
Candice $150.00
Jenny $150.00
Ralph and Deborah
Done! See you soon!!
Luke/Candi $506.00
Lucas Cheadle $506.00

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