CSUF Students for Life Fundraising

We help pregnant and parenting students on campus!

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The California State University, Fullerton Students for Life chapter seeks to help pregnant, parenting, and post-abortive students because both women and their children deserve better than abortion.

We participate in education, activism, and support based-events, even hosting trainings, speakers, movie nights, socials, outreach tables, resource fairs, and baby showers.

This year our goal is to petition the administration to install diaper changing stations in the bathrooms and consistently bring Obria, a pro-life medical and resource clinic, on campus to provide practical help to our students. Additionally, we will continue planning baby showers for the pregnant students we meet, providing them with a community, loving support, and the resources they'll need to take care of their precious child.

Please join us in our mission to change hearts and save lives! We greatly appreciate your financial support and prayers!

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