Kate Hogoboom

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College students are weird.

They don't fit in a typical adult schedule.  They're older than high school students with more responsibilities and life things going on. 

In the midst of this weirdness, they will often make the biggest decisions of their lives - what the mission of their life is, who they will serve with that mission and often, who they'll marry to accomplish that mission. 

It's in this weird stage of life that His House stands to be the church for college students all over Michigan.  We meet students on campus where they are, we live life like they do and we're there for the small and big things of life. 

Your gift to His House helps us provide small group Bible studies, large group events, meals for students, retreats, mission trips and more.  You are directly impacting the next generation of world leaders and changing their lives!  Thank you!

Carol Dykhouse $100.00
Mom and Dad Price $100.00
Anonymous $25.00
Hope you have a good ride! Wish I could be there with y'all.
Corrie and Justin
Keep following Jesus and your eyes on Him. You are an inspiration and you both are a blessing to so many!
Charlie and Lynne Garrett
Ride safe Kate
Rachel and Nick $25.00
Joy Price $15.00
Anna Price $20.00
Allie Bailey
I'm so encouraged by you!
Elaine Hughs $38.00
No need to mail cookies!! Though I do love cookies. I just love and relate your passion - and am thrilled to continually read about the Lord’s favor in your life, your grit to step through trial, and your work for the kingdom!!!
Liz Solomon
I know you will do great
Karan Swanson $50.00
FSU Students $5.00
Go Kate! Hope to see you in Big Rapids in a few weeks :)
Brenda Donley
God be with you during these 50 miles! Please keep the cookies and share them with your college kiddos!
Team FSU $4,258.00
Kate Hogoboom $1,003.00
Joe Hogoboom $1,020.00
Wanda Fritzsche $100.00
Sondra Fettes $840.00
Ray Fettes $345.00
Hannah Fettes $225.00

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