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In these difficult times, your generosity matters now more than ever. Preview

This year, 45% of our students require financial aid in order to attend PCS. Since 2015, the Dawson Fund has provided 25 financial aid awards, providing critical support for students who otherwise would have been unable to attend PCS. Through the Dawson Fund, you will support our current and future students and help enable PCS to continue to accept performing artists and other students displaying a passion for their chosen field who add vitality and diversity to our community, especially during these most difficult times.


Professional Children’s School is an independent day school that provides a flexible, yet rigorous, college-preparatory education for young people in the performing arts, competitive sports, and other activities that require time away from class.

Ralph Sinsheimer $1,000.00
Christian Tworzyanski
William Brant $100.00
Samanhta and Drew Cohen
Ericka S Fur
Wishing you all the best during this challenging time! My best, Ericka
Arlene Tarlow Pierce 1954
Class if 1954
Nancy Foy $250.00
Michele and Tim Barakett $25,000.00
Kimberley Fiterman-Duepner & Gregory Duepner
Our best to everyone for a healthy and safe summer and good wishes for the fall.
Ivan Cury $50.00
Lola Cooper
Happy to support PCS during this difficult time in all our worlds.
Kim & Dan Derby
So happy to support The Dawson Fund
Paul and Robin Foley, Eamon Foley
Can you divide this up as $250 from Robin and Paul, and $50 from Eamon Foley '11? By the way, Eamon is doing well as a choreographer. He's currently involved with a “socially distant” piece of immersive theatre in Philmont, New York tentatively titled Alone/Together.
James Dawson and Shaun Mattivi $100.00
I only wish it could be more. My son only attended his senior year, but it made an enormous contribution to his eventual success. Thank you!
Dawn Mucha and Todd Lyon
Habibi Rodriguez
Kelly and James Annarella $2,500.00
David Bixler $500.00
Charles Duggan & Julia Bator $500.00
William Hirt $100.00
Christopher and Juliana Mellevold $500.00
Emma and Ed McLoughlin
Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Love Darcy and Family
Vincent Sagona $50.00
Angela Perozo $50.00
Robert Fraiman & Melanie Harris $2,000.00
Benjamin Arnow '93 and Leslie Hibbard '94 $5,000.00
Francine L. (Amdur '62) Goldfarb $500.00
The Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation $50,000.00
Lauren Neis
I will always treasure my time at PCS, stay safe, stay strong.
Jill Perin $50.00
Leslie Sullivan $100.00
Lillian Boese (Kim Haley class of 1964) $250.00
Jason and Darice Fadeyi $3,000.00
Annabel Graham
Victoria and John Mancuso
Thinking of all you "my PCS Family". Be safe everyone! Victoria
Anne Blackman
in honor of Diane Kenney
Anonymous $100.00
Erika Petersen
Anonymous $250.00
Marcy J Mann
Dale and Alisa Scott
Anonymous $10.00
Claude Brooks $50.00
Dayle Brenner
Steve and Rebecca Madsen
Tony Battelle
Congratulations Class of 2020 Tony Battelle -Class of 1975
The Panush Family
In honor of Dr. Dawson's 25th year as PCS Head of School!
Melanie C. Harris and Robert J. Fraiman, Jr.
We're so proud to support PCS and to celebrate Dr. Dawson and his incredible leadership over the past 25 years.
Rocio Izurieta
I love PCS
Stephanie Hull $1,000.00
John Tucker & Carl Mulert $50.00
Laura Pearle $100.00
Jedd Wider and Danielle Strauss
Gregory Gropper $200.00
Dr. Ernestine Byer-Tyre
Congratulations for 25 years of making a tremendous impact as Head of School, Dr. Dawson!
Lee and Bill Dieck $1,000.00
Donald and Susan Brant $5,426.00
Jennifer Ashe and Oleh Wlasenko $1,000.00
Anonymous $250.00
Alexandra Macchiarulo $100.00
Noelle Diane Yatauro
Thank You Mr Dawson!
Raquel Martinez $100.00
Christian Nosal $250.00
Tricia Lynch Patton and Ryan Patton
We love PCS!
Christine Dziegielewski
Proud to be part of the PCS family.
Michael Gleicher & Jacyn Gleicher
Pugliese family
So happy to give to this wonderful place that gives so much to so many!
Beth Christenberry
Onward !
PCS gave me a great foundation for college and a career. Glad to be able to pay it forward.
Paul Myerberg
Linda Rosenberg and Anthony Caracciolo $1,000.00
Brigid Le Minez $100.00
Kevin and Jean Rodd
Anonymous $1,000.00

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