PCS Day of Giving 2021

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Professional Children's School has supported generations of thinkers, leaders, and artists through flexible, enriching education. For over 100 years, PCS has paved the way for unique, talented young people to discover their passions while also pursuing an intensive academic learning experience.

Your support will open doors for more gifted students to join the PCS community.

Double your impact: The PCS Board of Trustees has generously stepped forward with a 1:1 match of all donations to a cumulative total of $69,000.

Make a tax-deductible donation today!

Rachel (Yanowitch) Curry ‘05 $500.00
Anonymous $10.00
Ilan and Eve Mor $1,000.00
Jeanette J Bliss $100.00
Joy Nathan Stern '56
With fond memories of twelve magical years at 1860 Broadway -- Joy Nathan Stern 1956
Anonymous $250.00
Anonymous $500.00
Jenny & Jon Steingart $7,500.00
Jonathan and Catherine Wachtel $2,500.00
Lynn Thomson Scott $25.00
William Brant $50.00
de Roos Family
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/vsagona
Camden Bachochin
Boulder Booster $100.00
Amelia DeMayo
Hi I just saw this email at a few minutes after six I hope you will still send a book! Send to 147 w 79 st 2a Nyc Ny 10024
Anonymous $1,000.00
Ayana Mbaye
Anonymous $1,000.00
Cynthia Finks $50.00
Tanya Gingerich Rivero Warren
Peter Pileski $500.00
James Manning
My son Jesse was fortunate to go to PCS when James Dawson was in charge. Thank you James. I look forward to reading your book! Cheers
Kelsey and David Lamond $2,500.00
Gio Schwab
Take pains. Be perfect
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/vsagona
Mariam Dingilian
Jennifer and Brian Hogan
Damon and Molly Klesa $250.00
Jill and Patrick Perin $500.00
Dale and Gretchen Whitman
Dale class of 1964
Denise Jackson Sutherland
Bailey and Belle
Greg Irikura & Theresa Park $2,500.00
Beth Christenberry $100.00
Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation $25,000.00
Kevin Casey $100.00
Erika Petersen & Eric Rosenthal
Kristin Kennedy Clark $2,500.00
Stefan Song $50.00
Kimberley Fiterman-Duepner & Gregory Duepner $1,000.00
Anonymous $50.00
Rachel Soyk $100.00
Merrill & Ashton Curtis
Drew Beasley
The best years of my life!
Carrie and Alex Shaurette
The Crandall Family $3,000.00
Marilou and Mark Hamill $1,000.00
Gilbert H Levine $250.00
Rachel Roberge $100.00
Mary Saliba
I love PCS and our wonderful community.
Nina & Andrew Shapiro $500.00
Gotham & Vicky Makker $5,000.00
The Butler Family
Andrew J Sussman
Thanks for all you did for our son Joshua Sussman, who is now at NYU and finished his first movie!!
Jay Marcus $50.00
Nora Resnick
John Tucker & Carl Mulert $100.00
Tae Hun Kim $100.00
David and Kathleen Walter
This donation is made in honor of DeNiro Hudson on the occasion of his birthday.
VS, still my favorite drama teacher and commuting buddy. LP
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/vsagona
James and Tiffani Talbot $250.00
Anonymous $5,000.00
Jennifer Morgan $1,000.00
Ayana Pena-Espinal
Caroline Gogolak
Renata Nikolayev
Gen Horiuchi
Thank you so much for your continued effort for supporting young future artists in Manhattan, New York. And I was absolutely thankful to your support while I was studying at PCS -- I am a proud member of Class of 1986. I hope all is well with the faculty and staff, and the board of trustees. Gen Horiuchi
Anne Blackman
In honor of PCS Trustee Diane Kenney
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/vsagona
Tina Farkas Williams
Some of my fondest memories as a teen were at this wonderful school!
Lisa Kulson
Thank you all for all you do for our children! I feel very grateful to have this community in our lives!
Emma and Edward McLoughlin
Wishing you all the best. Darcy and The McLoughlins
Terry Blanchard $100.00
Lynn Mizzy Jonas $200.00
Appreciative Parent
Thank you for everything that you do!
La Douceur/Lattanzio Family
Meyerowitz Family
Out of much appreciation for all these years of excellent academic and much care from the teachers and administrators.
Paul Chalmers $300.00
Eric and Jessica Anub
The Sidley Austin Foundation $7,500.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $5,200.00
Anonymous $1,000.00
Robert and Donna Shafir $2,500.00
Marilyn and Michael Yanowitch
In honor of Dr. James Dawson
Jesse and Anne Ausubel $5,000.00
with fondest memories ...
Susan Golomb
Leopoldo & Caitlin Gout
V Shvets
Anastasia and Kevin Rotheroe $250.00
Nicky Torchia and Family
Nicky has enjoyed his years at PCS. The school has made it possible for Nicky to pursue his dreams while getting a great education. We are forever grateful!
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/vsagona
Raquel Martinez
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/blakeman-page
Annabel Graham
Lori Murphy
Dayle Brenner
Jeffrey Paul Bobrick
The Anagnos Family $500.00
Camille Hughes $250.00
James Dawson and Shaun Mattivi*
Board of Trustees Match
Hon. Diane & Mr. Bernard Yatauro
Dear Mr. Sagona, You are the reason Noelle continues to go out and audition, as she works her way through the maze of entertainment. You are an inspiration to every aspiring actor and you have a special place in Noelle's heart. With Respect, Diane & Bernie Yatauro
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/vsagona
Board of Trustees Match*
The PCS Board of Trustees has generously stepped forward with a 1:1 match of all donations to a cumulative total of $69,000.
Erin and Brendan Scanlon*
Board of Trustees Match
Bob Musiker*
Board of Trustees Match
Erica Marks Panush and David Panush*
Board of Trustees Match
Stephanie J. Hull*
Board of Trustees Match
Melanie Harris and Rob Fraiman*
Board of Trustees Match
Isaac and Kiran Greaney*
Board of Trustees Match
Michael Gleicher*
Board of Trustees Match
Silas and Cassia Farley*
Board of Trustees Match
Lee and Bill Dieck*
Board of Trustees Match
Donald and Susan Brant*
Board of Trustees Match
Amanda and Ritam Bhalla*
Board of Trustees Match
Chris Haley and David Knapp $1,000.00
Anh Ta $100.00
Charles Gropper
Congratulations to Dr. Dawson. From the Gropper family (Gregory '17)
Mitchell Silverman and Stefani Greenfield $1,600.00
Lola L Cooper
Sally Shreeves and Norm Champ $2,500.00
Michelle & Alon Frumer
Best School!!!!
Patrice Cahill
We continue to be honored to part of the PCS family !!
The Rosenberg-Caracciolo Family $100.00
Hal Spitzer $500.00
Lillie Thom $400.00
Angela Perozo $50.00
Laurence Madsen and Gregory Spano $4,000.00
Kelly and Anthony Battelle '75 $250.00
Yat Fei Chan
Eve Pomerance and Jonathan Mossek
We are truly excited and grateful to be a part of the PCS Community.
Nancy and Bob Fraiman
In honor of Melanie Harris
David Bixler $1,000.00
Paul and Laura Kane $150.00
William Hirt
Dr. Robert Mark Savage $200.00
Ernestine Byer-Tyre $100.00
Brigid and Frédéric Le Minez $200.00
Kevin and Jean Rodd
PCS has been an integral part of my life and I am pleased to support it in any way I can.
Jean J Scales $50.00
Catherine A Henry
Altagracia Ramos
Luz Fernandez
Rocio Izurieta
Fredrico E Wilson $50.00
Christine Dziegielewski $100.00
Anonymous $2,000.00
Laura Inman
Daniel and Barbara Wood $5,000.00
Alexandra Macchiarulo $100.00
Loryn Evanoff
Reem Abu-Amara
Thanks for all you do
Heidi Elizabeth Bishay
Vincent Sagona
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/vsagona
Drew Beasley
The best years of my life!
Shok Robertson $25.00
Source: https://www.grouprev.com/blakeman-page
Diane Kenney*
Board of Trustees Match

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