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  • A Stroke is a blockage or bleeding in the brain (think heart attack of the brain)
  • Stroke is the 5th leading cause of death in the United States
  • Stroke is the top cause of long term disability which includes partial body paralysis, permanent inability to speak and permanent memory loss
  • Every year almost a million people have a Stroke in the United States which is primarily caused by stress, something we know nothing about in the high tech industry.
  • Educate the public to know the signs of stroke so people can get to the hospital ASAP and get treated. (faster the treatment the less likely there will be any long term disability)
  • Work with cities on public policies to help with stroke care. Specifically SAF lobbied for 4 years to get Santa Clara to be only the second county in the entire United States to take a stroke patient not to the closest hospital, but the closest stroke certified hospital (has proper diagnostic equipment and medicine and bring time to medicine (usually listed as door to needle) to less than 30 minutes.
  • Work with the leadership of all the top hospitals to ensure they have the equipment, staff and outreach efforts to support Stroke care (which is typically not a top money making component of hospital care)

So here is the ask. Every year SAF hosts a Stroke walk in San Jose to raise funds for the organization and raise awareness for Stroke. We typically have almost a thousand stroke survivors and families who have been impacted by stroke, walk for those who can no longer do so and then join for a catered meal with city and hospital leaders.

I would love to see if we could raise enough money as a team for WWT to be a sponsor of this event (see sponsorship attachment). If you would be interested in contributing to this great cause we would be very grateful!

I thank you all in advance and hope you all have a very restful and happy holiday season (FYI: Stress is a leading cause of stroke, so please relax this holidays!).

Thank you

Matthew Stein

Emily Craig
Great work! Good Luck!
Gabriele Testa
Good Luck Matthew..!! Great Cause..!!
JENNY CHEN $100.00
Allie Coats $50.00
Jamie Stopke
Mike McFall $100.00

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