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When a family is grieving, they need to know that they are not alone. They need to know that there is a trusted organization that will see them through a difficult time with compassionate support. Without Forever Footprints, parents would have few options for grief counseling and many families would have no reminders of their babies.

Your donation directly impacts families grieving the loss of their baby or babies.

My life was forever changed on 2-3-2007. I lost my first baby girl, Grace. I was 5.5 months pregnant. My world would be different from that point on. At almost 4 months pregnant, on 9-5-2008, I lost my 2nd baby girl, Hannah. And sadly on 8-31-2009 I lost my third daughter, Olivia at 2 months pregnant. Each time God's grace pulled me through. I had the love & support of my family & friends, but nothing can prepare you for this life-altering situation. In 2010, my husband at the time and I attended the OC Walk To Remember sponsored by Forever Footprints. We walked the steps our girls never would. It was very therapeutic. Attending helped to let-go just a tiny bit more. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my girls & how different my life would be if I had an almost 12-year-old (Grace's original due date was 7-7-07). There have been too many days taken over by depression, but I thought in 2007, and I still believe it today, that pregnancy &/or infant loss is not spoken of enough. One in Four women will lose a child to miscarriage, that is a loss regardless of how much time you have pregnant, 2 weeks or 5 months. Once a woman knows she is creating life inside her, there is a bond that is made that will not go away just because you were pregnant for "only" x amount of time. I pray daily for those dealing with the wounds of loss and hope they know Jesus and have faith to get them through. To anyone who reads this and needs to talk with someone who "gets-it", please feel free to email me

Hugs to you all! Amber

Love you friend, so much!

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