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The 2019 Paddle For Mike

Every year it's the best thing we do.  Every year we come together to wrap someone in our little ocean community in as much love and energy as we can to help them and their family get through the struggle that a life threatening illness has brought to their lives.  I have been amazed at the magic that a few hundred people can generate with enthusiasm and effort all gathered around our Honorees and their families.  It is a tailwind that has saved some, and brought endless richness and gratitude to others, and helped all of them to know how loved they are by the community they live in.  The paddle across the Santa Barbara Channel, the fundraising, and most importantly the connection of coming together as one, unified for a special purpose.

This year is particularly special because this year we paddle for Mike and his family.  He is one of us, he was born here, went to school with me and all of us, and has been a constant in our lives as long as we can remember.  I am paddling for Mike because he is me, and his family is my family.  Please join me on Sunday and help us all get across the channel for Mike, and his wife Pat and kids Blake and Reece. Thanks!!

Friendship Paddle 2019 - Mike Kelley

Anonymous $500.00
Anthony Rogers $500.00
Susan Budinger $100.00
Yeah Kell!
Carsten Jay Hansen
Have fun.
Enjoy the paddle! Love to do this
Rand Rosenberg $250.00
Jack and Inga Canfield $100.00
Zacky Family Foundation $1,000.00

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