Matt Ward - Friendship Paddle 2019

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The Friendship Paddle

On September 15th over 150 paddlers will start at sunrise in Forney's Cove on Santa Cruz Island and paddle the Santa Barbara Channel and land on the beach in front of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club in support of Mike Kelley and his family.  It is an absolute honor to be joining this outstanding event.  I have spent the last two years rehabilitating my twice surgically repaired shoulder, so this is a great personal challenge as well.  Thank you for your support.  

All Hail Mike Kelley!

-Matt Ward  

The Friendship Paddle from Paul Westmacott on Vimeo.

Mission Statement

We organize open ocean paddle events to provide emotional and financial support to Santa Barbara County residents fighting life-threatening illnesses.The Friendship Paddle is 5013c non-profit and 100% of the donations will be going to the honoree.

Carson Wollert
Better late than never
Marko and Tessa $100.00
Heidi Seitz $60.00
Myklebust Family
Go get um Uncle Wardo! Deep Strokes and remember to breathe.
Spencer J Hardey
Get it - Extra points if you sip a bud heavy while paddling, do it for Dale #8
Logan Family $50.00
Brian shoemaker
Good luck!
Mia Weber
Good luck! :)
Denise Lippy $50.00
Elizabeth Cholawsky $50.00
Michael and Vanna Kent $55.00
Tim Baxter $25.00
Soul Cal Smokehouse $100.00
Jodi Romano-Besket
Please tell Mike that he's got one more person in his corner and he'll be in my prayers tonight. Kudos to you, Matt, for helping him stay strong and positive during this battle.
The Grace’s
Such an amazing thing you guys are doing. We love you & praying for your friend.
Ali French
Jayne Patterson
Jeff + Abby MacDonald
LOVE this, Matt and Christel. Thanks for posting!
When you come to the end of your rope - tie a knot and hang on! Franklin D. Roosevelt
The cunanans from SF
This is so nice of you.
The other wards
Stay out of the drink Ward
Stephanie Lloyd
Go Matt!!!!
Tita Jessie
May God bless you and your friend, Mike Kelly.
Troost $70.00
Tessie and John Smith
Good job
Jenny Kustura and Family
You're awesome, hope this helps you reach your goal!
Justin $20.00
Phil M
Have a great paddle!
Mike Reeves
Go wardo Go!!!!
Alison Jordan $50.00
Teri Crain
Wishing your friend the best. Safe paddling- have a great Alaska trip!
Rebecca Bjork
Hope you get used to that board before the paddle :)
Madeline Wood
Yay Matt! What a great event and cause.
james shoemaker $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Faulding Family $50.00
Bill and Stephanie Ward
Wishing a smooth water journey and many donations for a worthy cause. Love you!
Christina Baglas
AK $30.00
Brian Baxter
Paddle paddle paddle!
Logan Achay
Aloha, Da Achay Ohana. Good luck!
Paul Spinale
Anonymous $100.00

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