Phil Boise - The Friendship Paddle 2019

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Howdy friends and family

Once again we will paddle the channel.

I do this for Ellen, for Christina, for Tavis and I, for me...but mostly to give back to the Friendship Paddle community which has provided such deep emotional and financial support to my family and to others.

I know I ask every year and, knock on wood, I will continue asking every year….but as with paddling it takes a whole lot of small strokes to move us across great oceans.

If you can find some cash to send towards The Friendship Paddle family we all will be grateful to you.

Please pass this along to others interested. 

Very much obliged to you, Phil

The Friendship Paddle

On September 15th over 150 paddlers will start at sunrise in Forney's Cove on Santa Cruz Island and paddle the Santa Barbara Channel and land on the beach in front of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club in support of Mike Kelley and his family.  

The Friendship Paddle from Paul Westmacott on Vimeo.

Mission Statement

We organize open ocean paddle events to provide emotional and financial support to Santa Barbara County residents fighting life-threatening illnesses.The Friendship Paddle is 5013c non-profit and 100% of the donations will be going to the honoree.

Sean McLaughlin
Thank you Phil
Kit and Bev Boise-Cossart
For Ellen, for Phil, for Tav and Sabina. With love from the family.
Sheila and Hermel
We’re so glad to see you’re still doing this! They’re such a great organization to carry this on every year!!! have fun
Joe & Christy Kinsky
Terance & Karla Kinsky
Best of luck on the paddle!
Christopher and Kristen McLaughlin
Good luck to you and all the paddlers!

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