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What is Royal Family KIDS Camp?

A week-long summer camp for abused, neglected, and abandoned children. The primary purpose of Royal Family KIDS Camp is to give children a week of positive memories in the “Cathedral of the Outdoors.” Through the collaboration of community organizations, the Department of Health and Human Services and local churches a “three-stranded cord” is formed to make camp a reality for hurting children in our area.

How was last Summer 2017?

Singing, dancing, praising, fishing, swimming, climbing, conquering fears, finding faith, seeing love in action where all parts of the 2017 camp.  With the help of prayer, community churches, and volunteers who gave it their all, it was a great summer!

How do you see Camp impact the Campers?

In the words of Leah* an 11 year old camper

"My counselors have taught me how to live my life and have been really fun!".  

Her dad said, "the camp was well organized with tons of fun activities. What impacted me the most were the close relationships formed and the love extended to the children in that week."

Another former camper and now staff member said:

“I feel like I can make a difference in some children’s lives and that is all I ever really wanted to do when I decided I would come back…But besides all that, I can not forget the number one reason that I came back which was truthfully for the counselor I had my last two years of camp. She made a big difference in my life and I promised myself that I would come back and serve God with her.”

Join us in making an eternal impact.

Anonymous $250.00
Fruechtenicht $100.00
Kristi Lorenzen
Good luck with everything this year! Camp was still one of the greatest experiences I have had and I'm so happy you continue to help all those little kiddos in need!
Matthew L Ames
Tiffany Hughes $75.00
Anonymous $200.00
I pray the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7
Anonymous $10.00
Anonymous $50.00
Shannon McCoy $20.00
V $55.00
Mark Schumacher $14.00
Megan $54.00
Holli $31.00
Eric $25.00
Anonymous $30.00
Klebely $25.00
Royal Family Kids $25.00
J Abel
Best workout for RFKC Leaders.
In Honor of Lawrence and Edna Lichti
Thank you for keeping this wonderful week of camp going! Our family has worked and played at camp over the years, and we've seen first hand what a special place it is.
In memory of Diane M. Row
In memory of Diane M. Row
Richard & Carol Good
On behalf of Diane Row, a dedicated teacher who inspired many.
Jill & Steve Baker Family
Diane Row memorial
Anonymous $600.00
Jenna Derr $500.00
Debbie smith
Hi Stef and Mark, I hope this helps out. Have a great camp!
Anonymous $500.00
Donald Decker
Love you guys! I won't make it again this year, but you will be in my heart and prayers!
Krystal Wilwerding $5.00
Tiffany Hughes $75.00
Cathy $20.00
Anonymous $100.00
This gift is given in honor of Samuel Marx's 30th birthday!
Thanks, Dana Dlouhy, for your willingness to serve as a counselor at camp!
rob mueller $50.00
Brian McCarraher
In support of a friend Maggie Shaner who loves helping at the camp.
Anonymous $500.00
Freddie and the Dreamers
We love RFKC!! Woohoo!!
Matt Ames
Because I didn't have a chance to visit the Geist Escape Room!
For the Campers
I am looking forward to camp in June.

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