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The call to Missions

I first experienced the Love of God on the mission field in 2010. This was a life changing trip for me... The one that led to my salvation and to the realization of what I've been called to do.

I've been given the opportunity to join One plus God, December 1-5, as they serve in Haiti. It just felt so right to say, "Yes, God I will go"

Join me as I spend the next 11 weeks praying and preparing my heart and mind to leave my family to help grow the Kingdom of God. This will be my first mission trip over seas since marrying my husband, Aaron and having two precious babies, Alec (3) and Eden (1). Aaron will be staying back with the kids, so leaving on this trip is going to be much more difficult this time around. 

If you feel led to help support me financially use this page to donate.

If you feel led to pray for my family, my team and I please let me know I have your support spiritually.

With much Love,


God Bless You!

When going on a mission trip to Haiti you can expect to:

  • Walk the streets of Haiti, and spend some real time with the people of Haiti.
  • Coming face to face with the devastation caused by natural disasters and poverty.
  • Being exposed to a whole different way of life, away from the comfort, luxuries, and fast paced tempo of our normal lives.
  • Working day to day with Haitian missionaries and translators, who have a deep love for God and His people, and living as sacrificially as Jesus has challenged us to do.
  • Encouraging people both physically, emotionally and spiritually, while experiencing a huge leap forward in your own walk with God!
  • Enjoy ministry on all levels: sharing, praying, working with the kids, teaching people some skills, and helping with projects as needed.

cash $250.00
Cash $250.00
Jack and Judy Black $200.00
Rhonda and Keith Bicknell $100.00
Jessica and Brandon Montague
Praying for you! Proud of you for following your heart with two kiddos and filling in the gap!
Rhonda Blevins
Praying for you!!
Jerry Blevins
It's a start, love you

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