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As Oʻahu’s oldest and largest cycling organization, Hawaii Bicycling League is working hard to achieve our mission of “enabling more people to bicycle for health, recreation, and transportation through advocacy, education, and events”.

We advocate for bicycle-friendly, safer street changes, including laws to protect people on bikes and other vulnerable road users, more bikeways and Complete Streets, as well as the policies and funding to make Hawaii a bicycle paradise.

We educate bicyclists and motorists on how to safely share our roads and to ensure anyone that wants to bike is empowered to bike. We educate over 8,000 4th graders on Oahu every year, growing the next generation of cyclists.

We host events both big and small to get people bicycling and bring together a community around the love of cycling.

All funds raised will go toward HBL’s advocacy and education efforts to make Hawaiʻi’s streets safer for all.

Fundraising Tiers:

Raise $100: Free entry to the HCR Welcome Party on 9/22

Raise $500: Free VIP Package added to your registration

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