Jumping Jack Flash Over the Edge

Will the Old Man Live Through This? Learn More

    I am going over the edge to raise money for Heartland Youth for Christ.
    We support Michael and Kayla Biegler and the great work they do for
    Springville Campus Life Club. They help kids get to know Jesus and help them with the issues young people face growing up in 2017. I want YFC to be able to reach more kids who need Jesus.







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Calvin Birkey
Blessings and good luck with rappelling!
Kari Cairy $25.00
Wendell & Mary Aldrich
Eat your spinach, Wheaties & Cheerios!
Norman & Judith Cummings $50.00
Jerry & Verlee Hiner $50.00
Lindsay Shores
Sorry it's not more!
Jack Ray
From Bill and Mary Teucke for Jack Ray
Gary & Mary Bradley
Good luck!
@Heartland Over the Edge $25.00
Good luck on your fund raising. Hope this helps a little. Austin & Christine
Dean & Nancy Beckman
Good Luck Jack!
What a great organization. Enjoy the jump!
Kathie & Larry Grekoff
Good luck! Do we all get to watch you go down the building?
Judy and John Hughes
Let the Jack's fall where they may!
Tom and Maggie Kowald
Yewww Dadio!!!
Sue-Ellen Sherman
Will these bones live? YES! Old man and Jack Ray? The 2 cannot exist in the same sentence! Thank you Pastor Jack for your ongoing support and encouragement to our youth in Springville!
Anonymous $50.00

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